The 10 Best All-Mountain Snowboards In 2024

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Best All-Mountain Snowboards In 2024:Rating:
Rossignol Frenemy Women’s Snowboard
Rossignol Frenemy Women’s Snowboard
Burton Chicklet Kids’ All Mountain Snowboard
Loaded Boards Algernon All-Mountain Snowboard
Capita Children of the Gnar Kid’s Snowboard
Rossignol District Men’s Snowboard
Burton Custom X Snowboard
Jones Mountain Twin Men’s Snowboard
Nitro Arial Girl’s Snowboard
Jones Dream Catcher Women’s Snowboard

It’s snowboarding season once again. You don’t have to let the cold and snow dampen your spirits this winter. Take stock of your snowboarding equipment and go out and make the most of the snow. Snowboarding will certainly make your experience this holiday season more memorable. If you’re going to snowboard, you’ll need the right type of clothes, boots, bindings, and above all the right snowboard.

An all-mountain snowboard is designed to be versatile and give you an easy ride down the snowy slopes. Snowboards are made to withstand all the different snow conditions and terrains on a mountain making them ideal for both the casual and professional snowboarder. Among other snowboard features, you need to consider the size, shape, and length when choosing an all-mountain snowboard.

You need to look for a snowboard that will match your skills on the snow. The best all-mountain snowboard will be your trusted companion on the snow. With the wide variety of snowboards available on the market, it may be difficult to find the right one for you. This review and buying guide will help you narrow down to the best all-mountain snowboard as the snowboard season kicks into high gear.

Features to consider in Good All-Mountain Snowboards

You need to know the different features of a snowboard before you choose one. Like snowboard boots, the best all-mountain snowboards have features that make them stand out from the rest. You have to pick a snowboard with the right flex rating, size, and design to match your ability on the snow. The snowboard should also be stylish and affordable. Look out for the following features before purchasing an all-mountain snowboard.


The longitudinal (along the length) or torsional (across the width) bending of a snowboard is referred to as the flex. This feature defines how a snowboard will perform. Snowboards have a flex rating between 1 (very soft) to 10 (very stiff). However, the flex ratings will vary across snowboard manufacturers since there aren’t any standard ratings available. Generally, snowboards are designated as soft (usually a flex of less than 5), medium (a flex of about 5), or stiff (flex rating above 5).

  • Soft Flex Boards: Snowboards with a soft flex are designed for beginners. They’re easy to control and don’t require a lot of power to maneuver. Soft boards are best suited for freestyle or park snowboarding. Although they may be easy to maneuver and press, they’re quite unstable. This makes them unsuitable for intermediate and advanced snowboarders looking to make hard charges.
  • Medium Flex Boards: Medium boards are firm enough to provide the stability required for hard riding while still giving the same control typical of soft boards. The increased performance of medium boards come at the expense of the energy required when turning or handling. Intermediate and advanced riders will find this board suitable for them.
  • Stiff Flex Boards: This type of board has a high flex rating that makes them very stiff. The result is a snowboard that requires a lot of power to handle and turn. However, they’re more stable at high speeds and can be trusted in varying snow conditions and terrains.


The profile of a snowboard describes how it looks when it’s set on the ground. This will give you a view of how the base curves. The four main types of snowboard profiles that can be differentiated by the type of riding style are camber, rocker/reverse camber, flat, and hybrid.

  • Camber: Traditionally snowboards are cambered to give them an upward arching curve in the middle. This design helps in the even distribution of pressure across the board’s length. It gives the rider a more responsive and springy feeling through tight and wide curves.
    However, snowboards with this profile can be very unforgiving if you don’t use enough energy to direct the board in varying snow conditions. This type of profile is common on all-mountain freestyle boards geared for use at the park or on soft snow. Because of its unforgiving nature, this type of board is best for intermediate and advanced riders looking for more power and stability.
  • Rocker: Also known as reverse camber, boards with this type of profile have a banana shape. Rocker profile boards feature a camber that’s turned upside down to make it ideal for both beginners and pros. The rise of the tip and tail away from the snow makes it easy when riding in deep snow. Reverse camber profile is forgiving as it makes it easier to maneuver, catch an edge and initiate turns. This profile is ideal for snowboarders looking for a looser feel or one that’s great at surfing.
  • Flat/Zero Camber: Snowboards with a flat mid-section and a raised tip and tail are known as flat/zero camber boards. They’re highly versatile and maintain the stability and pop of camber. Nonetheless, flat profile snowboards are less responsive and energetic than camber profiles, are less maneuverable, and prone to edge-catching. This type of profile is rare but some manufacturers will utilize strategically place flat sections on their board to improve the performance.
  • Hybrid Rocker/Camber: Camber, rocker, and flat profiles can be combined in various ways to create a snowboard with benefits of the different snowboards. A hybrid rocker or camber profile board gives snowboarders the best of each type for different experiences. There’s a wide range of designs available making this profile suitable for all three categories of all-mountain snowboards. Intermediate and experienced snowboarders will find this board highly versatile for their needs.


This describes the symmetry of the board between its nose and tail. The shape of the snowboard will determine the types of conditions it can handle and your riding style. Snowboards are available in directional, true twin, and directional twin shapes.

  • Directional: Directional boards are designed to be ridden in one direction. Boards with this shape have a stiff tail and a large damp noise that gives them increased stability at high speed. Some directional boards are made for use on soft snow because they feature cutout tail and soft flex. Directional boards are suitable for advanced riders looking for stability and carving at high speeds. They’re common in freestyle and all-mountain snowboarding.
  • Twin Shape: Also known as a true twin, snowboards with this shape are symmetrical at the nose and tail. They’re great for freestyle snowboarding but are still very common for all-mountain riding. For improved stability, snowboards with this type of shape have their bindings mounted at the center. All-mountain freestyle snowboards will have a true twin shape.
  • Directional Twin (Semi-Twin) Shape: Snowboards with this type of shape are a combination of directional and twin shape boards. They feature symmetrical nose and tail but with a directional core or vice versa. Directional twin snowboards excel at freestyle snowboarding and will be great for riding at the park.


The size of a snowboard is determined by its length and width. Choosing the right size will ensure that the board can support you as you ride down the slopes.

  • Length: The right length of snowboard will depend on your height, weight, and riding style. People previously picked a board size by doing a comparison of their height with a board standing on the tail. The right size was determined if it reached either the chin or nose.While this is still a good place to start, your weight and riding style are equally important. A longer snowboard is ideal for heavier people because of increased weight distribution. You should check the weight specification that comes with a snowboard to ensure it won’t split in half when you start riding.When it comes to riding style, park riders will find that a shorter board is ideal. This is because it’s easy to maneuver as freestyle snowboarders look to hit a lot of jumps and twists. Your personal preference will also play a part when choosing the length of the board.
  • Width: The width of your snowboard will depend on the size of your boots. A board that allows your toe and heel to hang over the edge is most ideal. It should give enough space so that your feet don’t drag or touch the snow too much as you make turns and take curves.The standard measurement for snowboards ranges between 246-255 millimeters. Wider snowboards have a width of 255 mm and fit US men’s size 11 and women’s 11-½ boots. If your feet are smaller than size 7 for men and 9 for women then opt for boards within the width range of 235-245 millimeters.

Construction and Core Materials

The core is an integral part of the snowboard besides the flex rating, profile, and shape. The core gives each snowboard a unique flex, durability, responsiveness, and pop. High-end and budget-friendly snowboards will differ significantly due to the type of core used. Cores made of wood include wood strips such as bamboo or birch laid longitudinally (from nose to tail) and edge-to-edge and pressed into plywood.

This type of construction gives the snowboard its strength and flex. If you’re looking for a snowboard that’s flexy consider one with carbon, ballast, and bamboo. Snowboarders looking for a board that provides extra dampening and is better at absorbing shocks will have to consider a board with urethane, cork, and Kevlar cores. Premium boards are made of high-quality materials that increase their strength and make them more stable.

The Best All-Mountain Snowboards 2024

1. Rossignol Frenemy Women’s Snowboard

Why we like it: The Rossignol Frenemy is a women’s all-mountain snowboard that comes with a hybrid rocker-camber-rocker profile for improved stability and float on fresh powder.

Editor’s Rating:

Shape & Profile

The Rossignol Frenemy boasts of a hybrid rocker-camber-rocker profile. The rocker tips and tail are soft to improve the board’s control and float on powder, while the camber waist is stiffer to improve balance. The camber waist is 40% giving you the perfect edge grip and stability. The tip and tail have the remaining 60% rocker, which makes the board more forgiving on jumps, tricks, and uneven terrain.

This Amptek all-mountain rocker features a directional twin-shape. Its nose is longer than the tail making it a great snowboard for riding in different terrains. This shape also improves the board’s ability to float on powder and handle fast turns.


This snowboard features an FSC Certified wood core for improved strength and durability. The board’s durability is further improved by the vertical lamination. This construction helps in stabilizing the board giving the rider better comfort.

The Rossignol snowboard includes a single layer of glass fiber that increases the board’s flexibility. The improved flexibility ensures that the board can handle quick maneuvers without sacrificing the torsional resistance required in hard-packed terrains. The glass fiber laminate prevents vibration by stabilizing the FSC wood core.

Moreover, this snowboard features Rossignol’s proprietary 5S serrated edge technology. This technology equips the board with five points of edge contact to improve the traction as you glide down the snow. This design improves the board’s stability by providing an incredible edge grip. It achieves this while maintaining the board’s good visuals.

The board features ABS sidewalls that improve the board’s durability besides protecting the wood core from moisture. Keeping the wooden core free form moisture ensures that it doesn’t begin to warp and eventually damage the board.


The Rossignol snowboard is available in two sizes designed to suit women of different weights and heights. The boards measure 147cm and 150cm long. It’s also available in only one color.

  • The hybrid profile makes the Rossignol incredibly stable.
  • The directional twin shape gives it great control over powder.
  • It’s suitable for riding on uneven mountain terrains.
  • It comes with a competitive price tag.
  • The serrated edges improve the board’s overall edge grip.
  • It has a lot of chatter and vibration when riding at high speeds.
  • It’s not suitable for beginners.

2. Burton Chicklet Kids’ All Mountain Snowboard

Why we like it: This all-mountain snowboard features a symmetrical twin flex design that delivers great stability when riding on the snowy slopes. Its soft flex allows even the lightest of riders to master turning and stopping.

Editor’s Rating:


The Burton Chicklet Kids’ all-mountain snowboard features an FSC Certified Fly Core entirely made from wood. The nose to the tail wood core makes the snowboard light without sacrificing flex, pop, or strength. Besides contributing to the board’s strength and lightness, the wooden core is durable to ensure this board will last you for several years to come.

Shape & Profile

This snowboard boasts of a flat profile that gives the rider better stability, balance, and continuous edge control when gliding down the slopes. The tip and tail of this snowboard also kick up with an early rise outside the feet for the catch-free feeling you’d expect from a rocker. The combination of the board’s convex base and upturned edges provide a softer flex for lightweight riders to master turning and stopping.

The Burton Chicklet has a twin shape with a perfectly symmetrical nose and tail for improved stability. Moreover, the twin shape provides a more balanced ride that’s equally versatile when ridden regular or switch. The improved balance and stability allow the rider to jib, spin, and stomp with greater mobility regardless of the direction the board is pointing.


The Burton Chicklet Kids’ snowboard comes in a variety of sizes for kids of different heights and weight. The shortest board is 80-cm long while the longest one measures 130-cm. The waist width of this board is designed to cover kids’ different boot sizes and measures between 178-cm to 232-cm. The board can support kids weighing between 25-lbs. to 100-lbs within the available range of size options.


This is a great value snowboard that matches its great features with how much it costs. Its durability makes it ideal for kids looking to get into the sport. You get more assurance knowing that Burton manufactures high-quality snowboards.

  • It features a symmetrical twin shape for improved stability and balance.
  • The board is made with a durable wood Fly Core.
  • The wooden core improves the board’s strength.
  • It’s available in a variety of sizes to suit kids of different heights and weight.
  • The board comes with a competitive price to match its features.
  • It’s specifically designed for use on the mountain terrain and isn’t ideal for freestyle riding at the park.

3. Loaded Boards Algernon All-Mountain Snowboard

Why we like it: The Loaded Algernon is a versatile all-mountain snowboard built for speed and control in a wide variety of snow conditions and terrains.

Editor’s Rating:

Core Material

The Loaded Boards Algernon is a high-quality snowboard that features a bamboo and fiberglass core. The layup of this material runs longitudinally from tip to tail and edge-to-edge. It also features a cork footbed that provides cushioning and vibration damping. The advanced construction of this all-mountain snowboard makes it lightweight and durable.

Moreover, it gives the board a stiff flex but remains very responsive under the rider’s feet. The combination of the board’s sturdy flex and long effective edge makes it a great choice for snowboarders looking to make aggressive carves. The board also features a sintered UHMW base and full-wrap stainless steel edges that enhance its durability.

Shape & Profile

This all-mountain snowboard has a directional-twin shape between wide points and a longer nose to maneuver through powder. The shape of this snowboard improves its balance and speed as you ride downhill. It features a mustache camber profile that provides a solid edge hold, powerful snap, and intuitive feel compared to the traditional camber. The snowboard’s pronounced profile adds to its aggressive carving ability.


Snowboards are usually designed with the pro rider in mind, then either scaled up or down from the initial design. Algernon’s manufacturer designed this snowboard by taking into account the boot size, stance width, and rider’s height. Applying all these factors into each board resulted in the creation of four unique boards engineered to provide the perfect ride for beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders.


Expect to pay a high price for the Loaded Boards Algernon because of its premium core construction. This expensive board also features a sintered rather than an extruded base that improves its durability and overall price.

  • It features a bamboo and fiberglass core that makes it lightweight.
  • It has a stiff flex for aggressive carving.
  • It has a sintered base for improved durability.
  • The large sidecut radius carves smooth lines.
  • This snowboard features cork footbeds for reduced vibrations.
  • It’s stable at high speeds.
  • It’s very expensive.
  • It doesn’t perform very well in powder.

4. Capita Children of the Gnar Kid’s Snowboard

Why we like it: The Children of the Gnar Kid’s snowboard is designed for kids but comes with the performance of an adult board. It’s also suitable for use in all conditions and terrains.

Editor’s Rating:

Construction & Core Material

The Capita Children of the Gnar snowboard features an FSC certified core injected with plant-based Magic Bean resin to make it more durable. The poppy core is lightweight and doesn’t have any irregularities or finger joints. This makes the kid’s snowboard more consistent and gives it a uniform flex. The top-weighted biaxial and bottom biaxial design increases the durability and strength of this board mainly due to the fiberglass magic bean resin blend.

The snowboard further features an HMS extruded base that allows kids to practice their rail slides without the risk of damaging the board. This type of construction makes it a very user-friendly and low maintenance snowboard. The extruded base has a higher molecular composition that gives the board a faster and more durable surface than other standard bases. The all-around steel edges and fiberglass finish further accentuate the board’s quality construction.


The board features a wider width to accommodate both larger and small boot sizes. The progressive geometry of this kid’s snowboard promotes a quick building of skills for kids on the slopes. This is a snowboard for kids who’re willing to explore different snowboarding skills. That’s why it’s not marketed for beginners. The Children of the Gnar snowboard is available in lengths ranging from 137-149 cm and a waist width ranging from 238-247 mm. The variety of options available is quite impressive.

Shape & Profile

This all-mountain snowboard for kids features a hybrid rocker/camber profile that makes it ideal for freestyle riders. It also has a soft flex (3.5/10 according to Capita’s website) that’s geared towards enhancing your kid’s snowboarding skills.

  • It comes in a wide range of unique kid-friendly graphic designs.
  • It has a lightweight core that gives a uniform flex and consistency.
  • It features a biaxial bottom for increased strength and durability.
  • This is a soft flex snowboard designed to enhance your child’s skills.
  • The hybrid camber makes it more responsive and gives it an excellent pop.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • It’s very expensive.
  • This snowboard isn’t marketed towards beginners.

5. Jones Mountain Twin Men’s Snowboard

Why we like it: The Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard features a stiff flex and cambered profile that makes it suitable for different conditions and terrains.

Editor’s Rating:


The design of the Jones Mountain twin snowboard gives the rider the performance of a freestyle board while on the slopes. It achieves this without sacrificing its stability for bombing lines and floats in pow. It features an FSC Mountain Core specifically designed to give unmatched torsional resistance. The board has camber underfoot that works alongside the Traction Tech 2.0 to give the board snap and improve your boost out of the half-pipe.

Shape & Profile

This all-mountain snowboard boasts of a directional twin shape with a symmetrical nose and tail. This shape makes it great for freestyle riding at the park, but it still performs excellently on the slopes. It also features a blunted nose, a mid-stiff twin flex, and a CamRock profile.

A combination of all these features makes the Jones Mountain Snowboard great at popping pillows and pressing boxes while improving its maneuverability in tight terrains. However, unlike other all-mountain snowboards, the Jones’ won’t be the best to bomb down the steepest crud with. This is because of its more progressive sidecut, a short effective edge, and its blunt nose.

Size & Style

If you’re looking for a snowboard that comes in a variety of color options then the Jones Mountain Twin snowboard isn’t the best choice. It’s only available in a single color. Nonetheless, the board is available in a wide range of lengths to suit riders of varying heights and weight. It measures between 151-167 cm long.


This board is going to cost you a fortune but don’t expect it to break your bank. Despite the high price it comes with, the Jones has high-quality features and durable construction to match. The board is also environmentally friendly since it’s sintered base and top sheet are made from durable ECO-plastic.

  • It features a camber profile that allows for an aggressive ride style.
  • It has a progressive sidecut for tight turns.
  • It features plenty of lateral flex for launching jumps.
  • It has a durable core construction.
  • It’s perfect for riding groomers and hitting different terrains.
  • It comes at a high price.
  • It’s only available in one color.
  • It doesn’t work well on the steepest crud.

6. Nitro Arial Girl’s Snowboard

Why we like it: The Nitro Arial is an all-mountain girl’s snowboard that features a flat profile that evenly distributes the rider’s weight as they go downhill. It has a twin tip design that makes it easier to ride in either direction.

Editor’s Rating:

Core Construction

The Nitro Arial features a durable poplar wood core designed to improve the snowboard’s strength. The board gets further strength from the bi-lite laminate that also makes it responsive in powder. The core construction of this girl’s snowboard makes it an incredibly versatile option. It has a Premium Extruded FH base that enhances the board’s durability. This feature also makes the board easy to maintain.

Shape & Profile

This is a high-quality all-mountain snowboard designed to deliver excellent performance on the slopes. It has a medium flex rating that ensures the board is neither too soft or too stiff. This means that the Nitro is more responsive on the powder and is great at giving the rider incredible stability at high speeds.

It features a CamOut camber profile that delivers incredible stability whether you’re at the park or on the slopes. These tips and tail have early-rise that gives a more forgiving ride. The snowboard’s profile ensures that the rider gets smooth transitions with a minimum chance of catching an edge. Moreover, it features a directional twin shape that makes it ideal for freestyle riding on the mountainside.


The Nitro is a twin shaped snowboard that doesn’t offer a great variety when it comes to size. It’s available in lengths of 146cm, 142cm, and 138cm. However, it’s designed to be long enough to accommodate kids weighing between 90-lbs. and 145-lbs. The width of the board ranges from 16.5-inches to 21.3-inches to fit kid’s different boot sizes.


For a kid’s snowboard, the Nitro Arial is quite expensive. It, however, gives you value for your money with the great features it comes with. It was designed with teenagers in mind and it’s assured to serve you for years to come due to the durable construction. Besides, it’s backed by a 2-year warranty in case of any manufacturing defects.

  • It’s available in a variety of color options.
  • The board is designed to help improve your princess’ snowboarding skills.
  • This is a versatile all-mountain snowboard.
  • The camber profile makes the snowboard more stable at high speeds.
  • It features a strong and durable core construction.
  • It’s not great for beginners.

7. Jones Dream Catcher Women’s Snowboard

Why we like it: The Jones Dream Catcher women’s snowboard features a hybrid profile that delivers incredible control and stability on the powder and hard ice.

Editor’s Rating:

Shape & Profile

The Dream Catcher women’s all-mountain snowboard features a directional freeride shape and a soft flex. This makes it stable and inspires confidence when the rider is gliding down the snowy slopes. It has a flex rating of six out of a possible ten. The soft flex makes it great when riding on any type of mountainside terrain.

It boasts of a directional rocker profile that’s designed to deliver great float on fresh powder. The camber underfoot and Mellow Magne-Traction on the inner edges to give the board a very good edge grip.


The Dream Catcher snowboard features an FSC certified Classic Poplar Core specifically profiled between the feet for added pop and stability. The core is built with high-quality material so that the board delivers high-performance without sacrificing durability and control. It’s built with a Sintered 7000 base and features an environmentally friendly design in the form of an Eco-plastic top sheet.

The poplar core is lightweight which makes the women’s snowboard more consistent and gives it a uniform flex. The Biax fiberglass increases the board’s overall strength and durability. Moreover, the Jones Dream Catcher also features premium Karakoram K-clips plus tip and tail hooks to increase the board’s tensional resistance. These adjustable clips provide a superior connection to simple interlocking clips.


This women’s all-mountain snowboard is available in boards that measure 145cm, 148cm, 151cm, and 154cm long. The waist width increases with board length making it suitable for different women’s boot sizes. However, the Jones Dream Catcher snowboard lacks variety in style since it’s available in a single color.


With all the great features of this snowboard, expect to pay a premium price. The board costs well above five hundred bucks making it one of the most expensive on this list. However, you can rest easy as you’ll get value for every cent you pay because it’s a high-quality and durable snowboard.

  • It features a durable and flexible wood core.
  • The rocker-camber profile gives the board incredible float and edge grip.
  • It’s stable on fresh powder and hard ice.
  • It features an eco-friendly design. The sidewalls are made from recycled plastic.
  • It’s suitable for intermediate and advanced snowboarders.
  • This board isn’t ideal for freestyling.
  • It’s very expensive.
  • It’s only available in a single color.

8. Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard 2023

Why we like it: The Burton Custom Flying V is a versatile snowboard suitable for all riders. It’s very responsive and easy to ride.

Editor’s Rating:

Construction & Core Material

The 2023 Burton Custom Flying V features a wood core with a layer of carbon that makes the snowboard responsive and playful. The light wood construction targets specific areas of the board to provide more pop and strength while reducing weight. To give the board a more consistent edge and strength, the core’s wood grain is positioned perpendicular to the rest of the core but along the heel and toe edge.

The carbon layer runs from the tip to the tail of this snowboard to make it lighter. This carbon material contains fibers at a 45-degree angle that fine-tune the torsional flex of the board to give it a more aggressive ride. The energy transfer of the board is improved by a squeezebox that consists of a combination of thick, powerful sections and thin flexible sections throughout the core. This increases the board’s stability and makes it snappier.

Shape & Profile

This all-mountain snowboard features a hybrid rocker/camber profile that improves its overall performance. The rocker zones of the board maintain a catch-free forgiving ride whereas the camber sections of this snowboard provide the power and responsiveness required. This magic blend gives you a snowboard with unmatched versatility.

The 2023 Burton Custom Flying V features a directional shape with a slightly longer nose than tail. This allows you to concentrate the pop in the tail while providing you with extra float and control in any terrain. It has a twin flex that’s perfectly symmetrical from the tip to the tail giving you a balanced ride.


The base is made from an extra-absorbent, high-density sintered material infused with a specially formulated wax. This gives you a more durable base that rides wide open all season in any condition or terrain.

  • This board is suitable for different riding conditions and terrains.
  • The board features a Flying V bend that makes it easy to do a wide variety of tricks.
  • It features a twin flex symmetry for balance.
  • It’s suitable for riders with different abilities.
  • It features a simple but powerful geometric graphics that gives it an appealing look.
  • It’s not a very effective board for ice.

9. Rossignol District Men’s Snowboard

Why we like it: The Rossignol District is an all-mountain board designed with beginners in mind. It’s light and flexy for freestyle jumps and rails.

Editor’s Rating:


The Rossignol District Men’s Snowboard features a design that makes it great for off-trail snowboarding. It features a soft, twin freestyle flex that makes it easy to manipulate when riding downhill. Besides, it has a flex rating of 5 out of 10. The medium flex rating means that the board is neither too stiff nor too soft. Riders can explore different tricks with a medium flex snowboard because it’s easy to manipulate and provides more stability.

Shape & Profile

This beginner snowboard features an Amptek rocker profile that boosts the rider’s confidence because of the board’s improved stability. This profile further makes the board more maneuverable when perfecting a spin or buttering boxes. Besides, the twin freestyle flex offers a symmetrical effect that gives the rider a stiff feel for more pop and balance. The softer waist makes it easy to manipulate and control the board.


The Rossignol boasts of a laminated wooden core that improves the board’s durability and comfort when riding. The core also features a glass fiber layer that gives the board a greater elongation before breaking. The glass fiber layer also improves the core’s mechanical properties by increasing its torsional resistance over time. This snowboard also features ABS construction on its walls that enhances its durability while keeping the core free from moisture. Thanks to this snowboard’s high-quality features, beginners will be able to learn fast and advance their snowboarding skills.

  • It’s the perfect all-mountain snowboard for beginners.
  • It features a core with an extruded base for improved comfort and durability.
  • The hybrid profile provides an effortless turn initiation and ease of riding.
  • It has a medium flex rating for a balanced stiffness and soft feel.
  • It features deep progressive side cuts.
  • It’s affordable and easy to use.
  • It’s not marketed as suitable for intermediate and advanced snowboarders.

10. Burton Custom X Snowboard

Why we like it: The Burton Custom X snowboard is a stiff and aggressive board designed for great handling in different conditions and terrains. It’s ideal for both the park and powder.

Editor’s Rating:

Shape & Profile

The Custom X all-mountain snowboard features an aggressive hybrid rocker-camber-rocker profile that gives it more pop and drives. This type of profile gives the board powerful turns and precision and offers a snappy suspension. The design helps in even distribution of weight throughout the entire length of the board to give it a smooth, continuous edge control from tip to tail.

It features the classic snowboard directional shape that’s engineered to be ridden with a slightly longer nose than tail. This emphasizes more pop in the board’s tail but still manages to improve its float on the powder, flow, and control to tackle any terrain or snow condition. Moreover, this snowboard features a twin flex that’s symmetrical from tip to tail giving you a more balanced ride.

Construction and Core Material

To improve the board’s energy transfer, Burton uses its proprietary Squeezebox profile, which combines a powerful core with a maze of thick and soft zones. This FSC Certified Dragonfly 600G core is composed of four separate wood insert sections with end-grains in impact zones. The end-grain woods run perpendicular to the center woods, increasing the board’s strength and edge control. Between the fiberglass layers is a stretch of fiber elements and carbon placed at varying angles to provide a more maneuverable and playful ride.


The board’s waist width grows with its length. The width ranges from 248-266 mm. It’s also available in lengths ranging from 150-166 cm.

  • It has a stiff flex for aggressive riding.
  • It features a hybrid profile that gives it a snappy suspension and turns.
  • It’s ideal for use in different conditions and terrains.
  • It features a core designed for strength, durability, and increased edge control.
  • The board’s width grows with the board length to accommodate taller people with large boot sizes.
  • It isn’t suitable for beginners because it requires more power to handle.

Guide to Buying the Best All-Mountain Snowboards

With all the different options available on the market, the task of choosing the best all-mountain snowboard can be very difficult. Besides looking at the price of the board, you need to consider other factors. Here are some of the other factors that you need to consider when buying all-mountain snowboards.

Types of All-Mountain Snowboards

Choosing the best all-mountain snowboard will depend on your riding style. Snowboards are specifically designed to be ridden on a specific terrain or in a particular style. The three all-mountain snowboards are all-mountain, freestyle, and freeride.

All-Mountain Snowboards

This is the most versatile type of all-mountain snowboard because it can be used on any terrain. They can be used both for riding down the snowy mountain slopes and doing half-pipe jumps at the park. These boards have excellent speed and control and come in different sizes.

To get the right size of this type of snowboard, ensure that its length is aligned with your lips, just below your nose, while its tail touches the ground. All-mountain snowboards have a directional twin shape to improve its speed and control. The standard all-mountain snowboard features a camber profile. Beginners should look for all-mountain snowboards with a reverse camber to increase their mobility and improve their turns.

Freestyle Snowboards

Freestyle snowboards are suitable for snowboarders looking to challenge themselves with an ollie or a switch-stance and fakie. They’re designed to perform snowboard tricks so they tend to be shorter to improve the rider’s maneuverability. To get the perfect size to ensure that the board doesn’t go past your chin and isn’t lower than your shoulder.

The limitation of this type of board, however, is its lack of speed and balance when riding down a slope. It’s ideal for experienced riders since they’ll need to use more energy as they go down. Freestyle snowboard has a twin shape and a camber profile. The shape gives snowboarders the freedom to choose their preferred direction, while the profile works like a spring to give them the best pop as they jump.

Freeride Snowboards

Freeride snowboards are very stable making them suitable for downhill rides. This type of all-mountain snowboard has a higher flex rating that makes it stiffer for advanced riders. To get the right size of this type of snowboard, it’s length should be tall enough to reach your forehead when standing.

It has a directional shape since it’s designed for speed. It features a distinctive front end for faster rides. It has a camber profile but most freeride snowboards also feature a hybrid rocker-camber-rocker profile. Its tips curve downwards whereas the center pops out. It’s best for ungroomed snow in any terrain.

Powder Snowboard

Powder is a snowboard terminology used to refer to snow. This type of snowboard is designed with a long nose and elevated ends so that it glides over the topmost layer of snow. Powder snowboards have a rocker profile and are often directional. The board curves upward from both ends so that it doesn’t catch snow that may otherwise affect your ride. It’s best in slopes with deep powder.


This type of snowboard is ideal for backcountry climbing. This type of snowboard splits in half to create two skis allowing you to climb on untracked backcountry slopes. The halves can then be reconnected as you ride downhill. This design is suitable for those who are courageous and skilled enough to explore virgin slopes.


The different snowboards are designed with features to suit people with different levels of skill in snowboarding. When choosing a snowboard, you should consider your ability. You can be a beginner, intermediate, or advanced snowboarder. Those starting to snowboard are referred to as beginners. They have to learn about side slip, controlling the edges, and how to link a few turns and stopping.

Intermediate riders are more confident with their ability to turn and stop but still need to improve their carving and confidence when taking on red and black runs. Advanced riders have the skill to ride on any terrain. They have the confidence to confidence to control carves on steep terrain and different snow conditions.


The best all-mountain snowboards should be stable enough to allow you to ride down the slope at speed. You should be capable of controlling the board when riding straight or making a turn and landing after a jump. The snowboard shouldn’t vibrate when riding since this reduces its stability. A vibrating snowboard increases the chance of injury when you fall.

To choose a stable snowboard, lookout for its flex rating, sidecut, and profile. A stable snowboard has a longer side-cut, higher flex rating (stiff) and features a camber profile. Due to their design, snowboards aren’t meant to be ridden at a slower speed making them suitable for adrenaline-seeking riders.


The best all-mountain snowboard should be versatile enough to offer a mix of durability, speed, and maneuverability. It shouldn’t cost too much and miss one of these features. To make it easier for you to choose a good snowboard, consider factors such as flex, size, shape, and profile. Select a snowboard that has a mix of these features that suit your style and the environment you’ll be riding in.


Snowboards should be highly responsive to give riders more control in different conditions and terrains. As much as a stable snowboard is important to beginners, so is a very responsive one. This makes it easier for beginners to increase their confidence and safety as they learn how to snowboard. Less responsive snowboards are preferred by advanced snowboarders as they require more skill, power, and aggression. Generally, lighter snowboards are more responsive whereas the heavier and larger ones aren’t. Therefore, beginners should look for lighter ones and vice versa.

Snowboard by Gender and Age

Snowboards are designed for different genders and ages. There are men’s, women’s, and kid’s snowboards available on the market. Snowboards designed for women are usually narrower to match their small feet sizes, have less camber, and soft flex. Conversely, men who have a small stature and are lighter may have to look for women’s snowboards whereas taller women with size 9 boots will find men’s snowboards better suited for them.

Parents should avoid buying adult boards for their kids in the hope that they’ll grow into it. Kids will find oversized boards difficult to control, which may stunt the development of their snowboarding skills.

Bottom Line

The best all-mountain snowboards are designed to suit riders with different abilities, riding styles, and terrains. These boards are ideal for beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders looking to have fun on the snowy slopes this holiday. You’ll find boards designed for women, men, and kid’s alike. They’ll allow you to improve your skills as you learn new snowboarding tricks.

There’s a wide variety of snowboards available on the market, which can make it very difficult to find a board that meets your specific needs. Looking beyond the price can help you find an all-mountain snowboard that suits your needs. You should look at features such as flex, profile, shape, and ensure that you get the right size of the board. The buying guide and review of the best all-mountain snowboards will allow you to easily find the right one before you hit the slopes.

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