The 10 Best Golf Balls In 2024

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Golf is one of those games that gives you the chance to play on the same course and hole distances as professional golf players. It also allows you to play with the same equipment that players like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy use. However, some of the equipment used by the pros are quite expensive. If you find that playing with the expensive golf clubs is impossible, you can take consolation with the fact that you can play with the same golf ball your favorite pro uses.

Even though you’re going to feel cool about playing with the same golf ball like the pros, it’s not going to turn you into a Rory McIlroy overnight. The best golf balls will give you a level of performance similar to that of a pro-golf player. Since golf balls react differently to a player’s skill, it’s important to choose a golf ball that suits your style. This will help you improve your control and driving distance.

The best golf balls available in the market can meet the needs of players with different skill levels. The different levels also allow you to choose one that’s cheaper but similar to that used by a pro-golfer. This review and buying guide will help you choose the best golf balls.

Features to consider in Good Golf Balls

The golf ball is the only piece of golfing equipment that you’ll have to use for every single shot. Choosing a golf ball that’s well suited to your playing style helps in underlining your golfing strengths. It can also help you reduce the mistakes you make while on the golfing course.

The advancement of technology ensures that golf remains a game of consistency and accuracy, instead of distance. Golf balls don’t necessarily fly straighter even though they’re designed to fly farther. Choosing the right golf ball is as advantageous as selecting the right golf club. You need to look out for the following golf ball characteristics when choosing the best golf ball.


The way a golf ball reacts when it comes to contact with a club will highly depend on its construction. Golf balls can be made of up to five layers with the rubber used having different consistencies and thicknesses. The more the layers in a golf ball, the more costly it’ll be. These types of golf balls are meant for players with a lot of experience and looking for some spin control. Any adjustments made on the layers of the golf ball can alter the distance and spin of the ball. Here are some of the most common types of construction used on golf balls.

One-piece golf balls

This golf ball is made from a solid piece of Surlyn with dimples molded on its surface. Designed for beginners, the one-piece golf ball is affordable, soft, and durable. However, you won’t be able to achieve the distance you need due to the ball’s low compression.

Two-piece golf balls

This type of ball is made of a solid core that’s enclosed in Surlyn cover. The solid core can be a high-energy acrylate or resin making it quite durable. The core is covered by a tough, cut-proof blended cover like a specialty plastic that gives it more distance. The combination of the ball’s durability and maximum distance makes it suitable for everyday golfing.

Despite the distance of this ball, it’s harder to control it compared to a soft ball. Ordinary golfers will love this type of ball because of its high roll distance and indestructible construction.

Three-piece golf balls

The core of a three-piece golf ball may be made up of either liquid or solid. The second layer is either made of enhanced rubber or a liquid-produced layer. The core and the second layer are covered by molded Surlyn or urethane.

Experienced golfers will get better control with a three-piece golf ball because they offer more spin and are softer. An increase in the number of layers in a golf ball gives it more spin-separation when hit. This type of golf-ball features a noticeable spin-separation advantage.

Four-piece golf balls

The layers of a four-piece golf ball work differently to give a golfer the longest hit and softest feel to a golfing ball. The ball’s core is made of solid rubber specially designed to give enough distance when used with a driver. The inner cover to the core helps in transferring energy from the strike to the core.

The middle cover helps in increasing the driver distance while producing mid iron spin and feel around the green. The golf ball’s outer cover contains between 300-400 dimples and will give you a feel of the ball. The thin urethane layer is soft but durable.

Five-piece golf balls

The five-piece golf ball has also been designed to offer more spin separation and performance than that of a three-piece or four-piece golf ball. The increased number of layers makes it the most expensive type of ball. This golf ball features three mantle layers found between a high-speed core and a soft urethane cover. The mantle layers are designed to react differently to the different shots and swing speeds. This gives a golfer the most optimal performance possible.


Compression is a measure of how much a golf ball deflects when struck. The measurement ranges from 0 to 200. A measurement of 0 shows that a ball deflects by 5mm or more whereas a measurement of 200 reflects a ball that doesn’t deflect. The average compression of golf balls ranges between 50 and 100.

The compression of a golf ball can be explained using a rubber band wrapped around three fingers. You’ll feel more pressure as you keep on stretching it and wrapping it around your finger. This pressure you experience is compression. Different pressures are produced by the same amount of material occupying the same space.

Balls with lower compression are softer and compress more to create more distance. Even with a slower club speed, low compression balls can achieve good distance but may not be easy to control. High compression golf balls give experienced players more control of the ball and create more distance. They also tend to fly straighter.


The golf ball’s design can result in a low, mid, or high level of spin. Low handicap golfers can achieve more control on the golf course with a golf ball generating more spin when struck. These types of balls usually have more layers.

Low spin golf balls

This ball decreases the sidespin when struck giving you a straighter fly. While the ball may not go as far in the air, you’re able to achieve more roll once the ball lands due to the decreased spinning. Players who struggle to find a good distance on the ground or those who slice the ball will find a low spinning ball suitable for them.

Mid spin golf balls

This type of ball incorporates both distance and feel. It’s the bridge between low spinning and high spinning balls. Depending on the brand, most players will find that the ball offers a varied feel and softness besides giving good distance. Most manufacturers will produce this type of ball to suit a wide range of players.

High spin golf balls

High spinning balls are designed to increase the spin of the ball while in the air. The backspin created when a golf ball is increased in this type of golf ball creating a longer carry. A high spinning golf ball is suitable for players who hit the ball right to left with a draw. Besides, high-spinning balls help straighten out a hook produced by draw spins. Players can also improve their control with a high spinning ball as it increases their feel around the golf course.

Golf Ball Levels

There are three different levels of golf balls available that will suit players differently. For instance, a mid to high handicap players will find a tour-level golf ball difficult to manipulate. Premium to value level golf balls should suit players who can’t spin the ball well. You can move onto a high-end ball as your skills improve.


Pro-golfers use this type of ball. Because they’re high-end, tour-level golf balls are rather expensive but give a high level of distance and spin control.


This is a mid-range level golf ball. It’s both affordable and gives players the best performance on the green. Mid-handicap players can use this type of ball to work on their shots as they try to improve their game.


This is the least expensive ball in the golf ball market. It still offers enough features that are suitable for beginners and high-handicap players looking to improve their golfing skills. Players who mishit the ball quite often will find the straight ball flight of a value-level golf ball best for them.


While the most common color used on golf balls is white, you can get bright yellow, orange, and pink golf balls. These help in increasing the ball’s visibility while on the green or in the rough. You can also easily track the trajectory of a bright ball while it’s in the air. It’s important to note that the color of the ball won’t affect a golf ball’s performance. A highly visible golf ball will help senior golf players in spotting the ball. The markings on the ball increase visibility when standing over a putt. To avoid losing focus, you should avoid golf balls with distracting logos.

The Best Golf Balls 2024

1. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Why we like it: The extremely thin cover of the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball provides a soft feel and low compression giving slow swingers excellent distance. The greenside feel and spin are also quite exceptional.

Editor’s Rating:

Three-Piece Construction

The Pro V1 golf ball features a three-piece construction that gives it a high spin rate on chip shots and wedges. With a 17% thinner urethane cover, Titleist has produced a golf ball with a more efficient design compared to previous models. The thin cover provides the best scoring control while giving a high spin on approach shots and short game shots.

The reduction of the cover thickness has made it possible to retain the spin and control while still taking shots. The casing layer on this golf ball is also large enough to enhance the speed and optimize the spin of this golf ball. The ball’s core has also been designed to provide more speed and less spin. With all these advancements the Pro V1 can still maintain their feel characteristic and compression.

Distance and Spin

From its construction, the Pro V1 is designed to offer less spin when struck. The low spin rates ensure that golfers can achieve long distances on a single drive. This is attributed to the reengineered design of the ball’s core. Between the core and the urethane cover lies an ionomeric casing layer that adds to the ball’s spin control on full shots.

Golf Ball for Advanced Players

Three-piece golf balls are designed for use by advanced players because they offer more spin and feel softer. The Pro V1 is designed to shape shots and react with lots of spin, though less than that of previous models like the Pro V1x. The new design spins less and has a hard urethane cover that enhances its durability. The added distance off the tee, the tight spin control around the greens, and enhanced durability make the Pro V1 one of the best golf balls of 2024.

  • It offers excellent distance and a consistent flight to golfers.
  • It has a very soft feel.
  • The ball has a penetrating trajectory.
  • It offers players with drop-and-stop short game control.
  • It offers less spin and more speed when struck.
  • The urethane cover isn’t very durable.

2. Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation Golf Balls

Why we like it: The Pro V1x features a four-piece construction that offers a high launch angle and low spin off the tee. It also provides a soft but solid feel on the greens and the roughs.

Editor’s Rating:

Four-Piece Construction

The Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation Golf Ball boasts of a four-piece construction that features a dual-core, an ionomeric casing layer, and a urethane elastomer cover. The soft but durable cover also features a unique dimple design. The exceptional distance of the Pro V1x can be attributed to the ZG Process Dual Core.

The ionomeric casing layer ensures that the ball has more speed on long shots and the spin rate can be easily controlled. The durable urethane elastomer offers players with a drop-and-stop action on approach shots. The ball has 328 dimples with a tetrahedral design to give a high but penetrating trajectory to the ball. The unique dimple design also ensures that the ball has a consistent flight.


The Pro V1x provides more distance on a single drive than the Pro V1. The increased distance is because the ball has high launch and low spin. All these features are thanks to its four-piece construction. Golfers looking for distance off the tee will love this golf ball as it allows them to pick up some extra yard while playing.

Behavior Around the Course

This golf ball has an impressive performance on an around the greens since it has been designed to zip hard on this playing surface. Players who love spinning their wedges or hitting one hop stop pitches will find the Pro V1x is an excellent ball.

Golf Ball for Elite Players

Four-piece golf balls are designed for experienced players to give them a long hit and soft feel to the ball. The high launch and low spin off the tee provided by the Pro V1x make it the ideal golfing ball for elite players. Experienced players will love that they can shape shots and control their wedges with this golf ball. Beginners will find it difficult when playing with the Pro V1x as they’ll end up hooking all balls into the woods or pond. This golfing ball is designed to react to the clubface and won’t produce the desired shot when not struck properly.

  • It has a soft but durable urethane cover.
  • It features a four-piece design that gives it an exceptional distance.
  • The dimple design gives the ball a penetrating trajectory.
  • It offers a very soft feel.
  • The ball has low spin off the tee.
  • The ball’s design isn’t ideal for beginners.

3. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

Why we like it: The Tour Soft Golf Ball from Titleist is a great ball for mid-high handicap players looking for a soft ball that’s responsive on the greens and designed to give solid distance.

Editor’s Rating:

Two-Piece Construction

The Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball has a two-piece construction that features a large and very soft core. The large core gives the ball a responsive feel and high speed that helps it to achieve long distances. The large core is covered with an ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover that generates advanced short game control. The cover and core combination of this golf ball allows it to offer golfers distance, a soft feel, and low spin.

Dimple Pattern

The Tour Soft golf ball features a spherically-tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple design on its 4CE grafted cover. This design is geared towards delivering a penetrating trajectory and consistent ball flight. This makes it easy to play with the ball in the wind.

4CE Grafted Cover

Instead of using the thin urethane cover that was characteristic of the Titleist NXT and NXT Tour S, the Tour Soft comes with a 4CE grafted cover. The ultra-thin cover is designed to produce more spin on the green. Two-piece golf balls were engineered to give more distance, less spin, control, and feel. Because of the cover design, the Tour Soft Golf Ball produces more spin. The cover is also made from four different materials to accommodate the massive core of this golf ball.

Large Core

The large core of this golf ball is meant to produce a more responsive feel and give the ball some distance. The Tour Soft’s core has a diameter measuring 1.6-inches. It’s soft allowing it to generate very high speeds when struck. The combination of both this large compression core and the 4CE grafted cover ensures that the Tour Soft produces the intended results without the need for a mantle.

  • The ball has a soft feel.
  • It has excellent workability and spin.
  • It performs well on and around the greens.
  • It boasts of a penetrating trajectory and consistent flight.
  • Slow swing speeds may not provide enough distance with the Tour Soft Golf Ball.

4. TaylorMade TP5 Prior Generation Golf Balls

Why we like it: The five-layer design of the TaylorMade TP5 Prior Generation Golf Ball gives it more spin and distance that a pro-golfer would be looking for.

Editor’s Rating:

Five-Piece Construction

The TP5 features a five-layer construction that gives the ball more spin separation that other golf balls wouldn’t offer. A golf ball with more layers is capable of giving the player an optimal reaction regardless of the type of golf club they have. The more the number of layers on a golf ball, the more complex it’s.

Most pro-golfers want to make the most out of a spin on their short irons but minimize it on their driver. Golf balls with two-piece or three-piece constructions often sacrifice a feature or two to gain another. This five-layer golf ball from TaylorMade eliminates the need to sacrifice one characteristic for another.

Dual Spin Cover

The TP5 golf ball from TaylorMade features a urethane cover that’s characteristic of high-end golf balls. This thin cover is great in increasing the feel of the ball on and around the greens. It also maximizes the spin on short irons and wedges. Beneath the soft urethane cover is a semi-rigid layer that helps in creating maximum interaction between the cover and the grooves. This generates maximum spin performance with full wedge shots and pinpoint control from around the green.

Tri-Fast Core

This golf ball features a unique 3-layer core system designed to minimize the spin of the golf ball off the tee. The reduced spin on the driver maximizes the distance the ball will travel by limiting the ball’s maximum trajectory. The TP5 3-layer core features progressive compression that enables the ball to transfer energy and generate massive speed on full shots.

This feature also allows the TP5 to launch higher off the tee compared to other golf balls while still maintaining a low-ball spin. This characteristic allows the TP5 to reach its apex altitude faster while still maintaining the ball speed at that elevation. The more speed at maximum elevation ensures the ball will travel through a greater distance.


The soft urethane cover of the TP5 ensures that it has a great feel for short game shots. Therefore, experienced golfers will like that the TP5 feels good off the wedges and putter. The great performance offered by this golf ball is great for use at a high level.

  • The five-layer construction makes it easy to play with different types of golf clubs.
  • The dual-spin cover helps to generate maximum spin.
  • The tri-fast core helps to generate massive speed on full shots.
  • It has low compression and a very soft feel.
  • It generates great distance off the tee.
  • It’s rather expensive.

5. Bridgestone Golf Tour B X Golf Balls

Why we like it: The Bridgestone Golf Tour B X Golf Ball is designed to ensure lower handicap golfers get the ultimate control and accuracy while giving them more distance off the tee.

Editor’s Rating:

Gradational Core

The Golf Tour B X Golf Ball from Bridgestone features a gradational compression core. This core gives the ball a higher initial speed that helps it achieve the added distance. Due to this core, Bridgestone B X is capable of achieving low spin rates to ensure maximum accuracy. Low handicaps will get and added advantage on the course with this golf ball because of the added distance and increased accuracy.

SlipRes Urethane Cover

Most high-end golf balls feature a urethane cover. However, unlike other premium golf balls, the Bridgestone Tour B X has a soft urethane cover made with Bridgestone’s proprietary SlipRes technology. The SlipRes cover formulation increases the spin control and feel of the ball. The added spin control is thanks to the added friction whereas the increased feel is due to the soft urethane cover. While this cover offers decent spin rates around the greens, it’s important to remember that this is a distance ball, not a spin ball.

Dual Dimple Design

The dual dimple design of the Tour B X enhances the aerodynamics of this golf ball ensuring that players can achieve a few extra yards off the tee. The aerodynamic dual dimple design gives the ball less drag. Therefore, the ball can achieve a more efficient trajectory when in flight. Most golf ball companies design their dimples to be aerodynamically effective. It’s worth noting that this feature isn’t exclusive to the Bridgestone Tour B X.

Seamless Cover Technology

The Bridgestone Tour B X features a cover that has been engineered to produce a perfectly balanced dimple pattern. The proprietary Seamless Cover Technology used (SCT) ensures the ball can achieve constant flight and performance. The result is added distance. However, since the ball was designed with a trajectory in mind, players get more control and distance with every drive.

  • The proprietary SCT gives the ball a consistent trajectory.
  • The dual dimple design of the ball provides added distance.
  • It features a gradational compression core that gives the ball a high initial speed.
  • The durable SlipRes cover provides more feel and control around the greens.
  • It’s only suitable for elite players. Beginners may get mishits with this ball.

6. TaylorMade TP5x Prior Generation Golf Balls

Why we like it: The TP5x offers a more solid feel, a longer ball flight, and lower spin on long irons than the TP5. Besides, this golf ball provides the same amount of spin on wedges.

Editor’s Rating:

Five-Piece Construction

The TP5x boasts of a five-layer construction that has been specifically designed to work with all the different types of golf clubs. The five-piece construction gives this golf ball maximum distance off the tee and increased spin with wedges and short irons. While this golf ball appears similar to the TP5 in many aspects, it differs when it comes to the spin rates and feel on the green. The TP5x is designed to fly high with a low spin rate giving it more launch and roll off the tee. This golf ball is ideal for pro-golfers looking to achieve extra yards at the expense of a lower spin rate on long irons.

Dual Spin Cover

This TaylorMade golf ball features an ultra-soft urethane cover with a semi-rigid inner cover. This rigid inner cover helps to create maximum interaction between the urethane cover and club grooves. This gives the ball an exceptional spin performance with full wedge shots and pinpoint control from around the green.

Tri-Fast Core

Similar to The TP5, the TP5x has a tri-fast core design that minimizes the spin of the ball off the tee. This unique design gives the core progressive compression and enables the maximum transfer of energy. The ball is capable of achieving maximum speed on full shots. The TP5x also delivers higher launch and less drag giving players more control when in need of hitting greens in regulation.

The main difference between the TP5 and TP5x in this aspect is the compression rating. The TP5 has a compression rating of 83 whereas the TP5x has a compression rating of 90. This makes the TP5x feel firmer ensuring that it can achieve great distances off the tee.

Feel Around the Greens

The performance of both the TP5 and the TP5x around the greens will almost be similar. This is because both these balls have been designed to generate a lot of spin with a wedge in your hand. However, the TP5x is going to feel firmer on chip shots or putts.

  • It’s suitable for playing with different golf clubs.
  • It offers a longer ball flight and lower spin.
  • It has a soft feel.
  • The ball is made of durable material.
  • The ball is more responsive on and around the greens.
  • They’re quite expensive due to their five-layer design.

7. Srixon Z Star Golf Balls

Why we like it: The Srixon Z Star is a great value golf ball as it combines affordability with great feel and control for the ‘tour’ player. It also capable of achieving incredible distances because of its gradient growth core.

Editor’s Rating:

Three-Piece Construction

Three-piece golf balls are designed to be softer and to provide more spin. Unlike more premium level golf balls, like TaylorMade and Titleist, the Srixon isn’t equipped with the latest technology. However, it can still perform at the same level as these high-end golf balls.

It boasts of a 324 next-generation speed dimple technology that improves the ball’s flight and control on the green. It achieves this by combining the uniformity of dimple design with increased surface coverage. This helps to create more distance and less drag.


The Srixon Z Star golf ball won’t give golf players the longest distance or the most spin while on tour. Nonetheless, it promises to give them great value. This ball is quite affordable compared to other premium golf balls. You can get about a dozen balls for about twenty bucks less than the competition. With the improved ball flight and control, you’re sure to get value for your money.

S.T.A.R Performance

The Srixon Z Star Golf ball is designed to create a balance between the spin, trajectory, acceleration, and responsiveness (S.T.A.R.) for the elite player. This gives the ball an unmatched performance on every shot. Besides, it features an energetic gradient growth core that helps to optimize the S.T.A.R. performance.


As earlier mentioned, the Srixon Z star golf ball doesn’t offer the longest distance. Golfers will still find that it’s fairly long off the tee with long irons. Low ball hitters will love that this golf ball has a high launch angle.


This golf ball has a urethane cover typical of premium golf balls. It also boasts of a second-generation spinskin technology. This new coating on the ball increases the ball’s frictional force and softness giving it more spin and touch on and around the greens. It feels very soft on short shots and will react well to properly struck wedges.

  • The dimple design creates more distance and reduces drag.
  • The spinskin design generates more greenside spin and touch.
  • The energetic gradient core delivers incredible distance.
  • This is a great value golf ball.
  • It gives golfers improved ball flight and control.
  • Some users have complained that the green paint on the golf ball easily comes off.

8. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Why we like it: The Callaway Chrome Soft is a premium golf ball designed to suit a wide range of players. It’s a great value golf ball crafted for slow and less accurate swings.

Editor’s Rating:

Three-Piece Golf Ball

The Callaway Chrome is a three-piece golf ball that features a Soft Fast core. It also boasts of an incredibly soft feeling DuraSpin Cover. The combination of the soft cover and core makes it a low-compression golf ball that’s great for low spin drives, woods, and long irons. The low compression also makes it suitable for higher spin rates on shorter shots, pitches, and chips.


Most balls in the market often make a trade-off between giving the ball a soft feel and increased distance off the tee. With the advancement in technology, golf balls can now combine these to give golfers the best of both. The Soft Fast core of the Chrome Soft increases the ball speed with drivers and long irons. It also features a Hex dimple pattern that gives it a penetrating trajectory and stability while in flight. However, it’s important to note that this ball won’t give you the longest distance or the most spin.


Using the Chrome Soft on the fairway will give most players an exceptional feel with little to no loss in distance. The Hex dimple pattern provides a more consistent and penetrating trajectory ensuring that one can make useful shots from the fairway. This ball is also great on pitches and chips since it gives a consistent spin rate and more control on short games. The ball is great for players looking to feel their putts, chips, and pitches as it offers a very soft feel off the putter face.

  • It provides a very soft feel off putts, chips, and pitches.
  • It has a consistent and penetrating flight due to the Hex dimple design.
  • It’s a great value golf ball suitable for a wide range of golfers.
  • It has low compression.
  • It gives players more control over their spin rates with short irons and wedges.
  • It’s not quite as long as other premium golf balls.

9. Bridgestone Tour B330 Golf Ball

Why we like it: The Bridgestone B330 is a great value golf ball that’s long off of the tee, it can zip around the greens, and has a penetrating trajectory while on a flight.

Editor’s Rating:

Standard Urethane Cover

As with other high-end golf balls, the Bridgestone Tour B330 features a urethane cover that’s made with Bridgestone’s proprietary Seamless Cover Technology. This gives the golf ball an excellent feel and spin particularly on short irons and wedges. The soft urethane cover ensures that this golf ball can achieve a high spin rate. However, the urethane cover lacks durability and may start falling off after a few hits.

The newly formulated slippers cover increases the friction coefficient rating of the ball. This gives it a maximum spin on the green and reduced spin off the driver. Players can achieve longer distances. The slippers also deliver a self-repairing cover that ensures you can play with it for a longer time.

Dual Dimple Design

The Tour B330 features a dual dimple design pattern that enhances the aerodynamics of this golf ball. The enhanced aerodynamics are a result of the smaller inner dimples that also aid in creating less drag at launch. The ball is capable of achieving a higher launch because of the increased speed. The larger outer dimples promote a shallow angle of descent increasing the rollout on landing.

Swing Fast

Players need to have a fast swing to get the most out of the B330. The average amateur golfer has a swing speed ranging between 80-90 mph, which is 25-15 mph slower than what’s required for this golf ball. Drivers need a fast swing speed due to the ball’s firm compression. A fast swing will increase the ball’s speed when launching giving you incredible distance with a single drive.

  • It’s an affordable golf ball that offers great value to players.
  • The ball features a dual dimple design that enhances its aerodynamics.
  • The ball has a very soft feel on short irons and wedges.
  • The seamless cover technology gives the ball a more penetrating trajectory.
  • It’s not suitable for players with slow swing speed.

10. TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls

Why we like it: The Project (a) is an all-around performance golf ball that will give you additional distance off the tee. It’s soft because of the low compression and will give you a great spin on the greens due to its urethane cover and mantle.

Editor’s Rating:

Three-Piece Construction

The TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Ball features a three-layer design that incorporates a dual distance core and an LDP 322 seamless dimple pattern. A combination of these two features increases the distance of the ball on a long iron or driver while still maintaining great control and feel around the greens.

Urethane Cover

This golf ball features a high-performance thin urethane cover. The thin cover gives the ball a softer feel and more spin around the greens. Premium golf balls prefer using urethane on their covers because it’s sticky and soft. This makes the ball more responsive on the greenside.

LDP Seamless Dimple Pattern

The urethane cover of the Project (a) features a similar design pattern as that of the TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x. It has a new LDP 322 seamless dimple pattern that enhances the ball’s aerodynamics. Improved aerodynamics reduces the drag, which gives it more speed resulting in more distance.

Dual-Distance Core

The Project (a) features a dual-distance core that comprises of a soft inner core and a stiffer outer core. The softer inner core that scrubs off unwanted spin while providing a great feel. The stiffer outer core increases the rebound and velocity of the ball. This stiff outer core creates more greenside spin by aiding in pinching the soft cast urethane cover between the clubface.

  • The urethane cover provides a soft feel around the greens.
  • It features a dual-distance core with a low compression rating.
  • The dimple design aids in increasing the distance of the ball.
  • It provides more spin on the greenside.
  • The thin cover of the ball will scuff easily, especially on mis-hits.

Guide to Buying the Best Golf Balls

There’s a wide variety of golf balls available on the market today. This makes it even harder for golf players to find the best golf ball, unlike back in the day. The advancement in technology has ensured that you can get a golf ball that’s suited to your style of playing, level of skill, and personal preference. With every individual loyal to their golf ball brand you need to take into consideration certain factors when choosing the right ball for you.


Golf balls are made of different materials that provide different levels of firmness in the core and outer layers. While multi-layered golf balls have either a solid or liquid core, the covers are typically made of Surlyn, urethane or elastomer.


Golf ball cores are often made of a solid rubber core or a liquid center. Golf ball cores have a compression ranging from 80, 90, and 100. Younger players, women, and seniors will find the lower compression (80) as the most suitable to their style of play. The mid compression (90) is designed for recreational golfers. The highest compression (100) golf ball has a harder and tighter core. Advanced golfers will prefer this type.

Balata covers

This is a rubber mix that gives the ball a soft feel and offers better control. Professionals and low-handicap players use high-end golf balls that are covered by balata.

Surlyn covers

This is the most common cover found on most golf balls. Surlyn is a hard resin cover that gives the ball a soft feel and better ball control. The material is also durable and provides more distance. It’s also quite affordable when compared to high-end balls. It’s best suited for beginners.

Urethane covers

Urethane is a soft, synthetic material that has higher-spin features. This material is used to cover multi-layered balls.


If you’re not prone to losing your golf ball by hitting it into water ponds or outside the boundaries, then a long-lasting ball will be suitable for you. Durable golf balls feature a strong core and cover. The ball shouldn’t start falling off after several hits. At a minimum, a ball should be durable enough to last a whole round.


Despite the durability of a golf ball, it can easily get lost when hit into a lake or out of bounds. Losing golf balls is just part of the game. However, it’s not prudent to spend a lot of money on a golf ball that may end up laying at the bottom of a golf course pond. While there are cheaper options for golf balls available, you shouldn’t sacrifice performance to get a bargain. Weigh between the price and performance and strike a balance. A good value ball offers the best performance while also being quite affordable. The secret to choosing a great value ball is staying within your budget as you improve your game. As your game improves, you’ll be capable of taking advantage of the spin characteristics and soft feel of high-end balls.


How a golf ball feels is all down to a player’s preference. The most important thing when hitting the ball is confidence. The following aspects of a golf player’s game can help you interpret the feel for the ball.

Full shots

You don’t have to worry too much about feel when taking a full swing. Full swings are controlled by varying the setup. Compared to short game shots and putts that require partial swings and precise control of distances, the feel of the ball isn’t as important in full shots. Nonetheless, a player’s preference may lean more on the harder or softer feel when taking this kind of shot. The player may still be capable of taking the shot but won’t be confident enough.

Short game

The feel of the ball will come in handy when taking short game shots. While there’s no specific feel to hitting this type of shot, most players prefer a softer feel around the greens. It’s best to try several options to see which suits your playing style better.


There’s some degree of feel required when you want to putt the ball. It’s advisable to evaluate all options on the green to know whether a ball suits you. This makes it easier for you to eliminate the unsuitable ones.


If you’re looking to achieve great distance with a single strike then look for a golf ball that reacts quickly. Balls designed for distance can help you achieve an extra 10 to 20 yards on their drives but can be hard to control when taking a finesse shot. Other golf balls have been designed to offer the player with maximum control on each shot. These types of balls achieve this by reducing the amount of spin when struck.

The other type of golf ball is designed to produce more spin giving pro-golfers with a preference for high trajectories a choice. They can take advantage of this feature to direct the ball where they want or cause to stop in a tight space on the course.

Bottom Line

There is a wide range of golf balls available on the market suitable for low, mid, and high handicap players. If you’re looking for the best golf ball, brands like Titleist, TaylorMade, and Bridgestone have the ball for you. Advanced technology in making golf balls ensure that golfers can get more control, less spin, and more distance with these golf balls.

The best golf ball will depend on a golfer’s style of play. Some players will be looking for a ball that gives them distance and a softer feel with a slow swing. Others will be looking for a ball that provides more control around the green. Taking all this into account, the buying guide and review will help you narrow down the best golf ball that will give you an edge on the course.

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