How to start a sports news website

If you have a passion for sports,  love researching and analyzing, and want to write about your favorite teams and sports, then you need to start your own sports website.

A sports website is a platform for updates on teams, player trades, statistics and scores.

Here is a guide to creating your own sports website using WordPress:

1. Get a Domain Name

Before you decide on a name for your blog/website you need to first find a domain name.  With billions of websites on the internet today, this can sometimes be tricky.  A good domain name is short and does not have any special characters, such as “”

To easily search and buy a domain you need to visit a domain name registrar like GoDaddy or Bluehost.  Here are some tips on choosing a good domain name.

2. Choose a Web Host

This is one of the most important steps in creating your website.  You need to find a host that has a good reputation, is fast and can handle your traffic without breaking the bank.  A web host is where your website will “live.”

If you are starting a WordPress built website, I suggest you find hosting that is made specifically for WordPress.  The best WordPress hosting is,, and

Once you get hosting you will point your domain using DNS to your hosting server.  Your domain and hosting do not have to be the same company.  You can purchase your domain from GoDaddy and still use Synthesis hosting.

3. Install WordPress

Most hosting will download or have a button to download the latest verion of WordPress.  Once everything is up, you can visit your WordPress dashboard.

The dashboard is where you will do everything to create, write and maintain your website.  You can add a theme, write posts, create pages and upload pictures and plugins from your dashboard.

4. Find a Theme

Now that your domain and hosting are set up, you will need to find a theme so your website looks and feels like a real website.

You can build your own theme, pay someone to build you a theme or buy one that is ready to use.  If you want to get your blog up and running fast, buying an already built theme is the easiest way to go.  One of the top places to purchase a theme is ThemeForest.

Under Appearance on the left-hand side of the dashboard you will find Theme.

Here are some tips and help with WordPress themes.

5. Customize Theme

Now that you have a theme, you should customize it and make it unique to your website.  You can add your logo, build your menu to feature the sports or teams you plan to write about, change the font, colors and more.

6. Write Your First Post

Click on the Posts/Add New option on the left-hand side of the dashboard menu.

Enter the title of your post, and your content in the section below.  You can add media, set a featured image, put the post in a category like NFL or MLB and then Publish it.

You can always get to your WordPress blog with this URL: http://the name of your

7. Monetize

If your sports website generates enough traffic, you can make some money with web advertising.  You can add banner ads to areas around your content that will generate some revenue.

Google Adsense, are good companies to start monetizing your sports website

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