Trail Blazers find snake in locker room

The Portland Trail Blazers’ players needed to be rescued by the teams trainers before Game 2 of Thursday night’s 114-97 loss in Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals against the San Antonio Spurs.

Thomas Robinson spotted a snake in his locker when he placed his shoes in the cubby and leaped “about five feet high and 20 feet back.”

“I just put my shoes down and once I put my shoes down I double looked and I seen a snake sitting there,” said Robinson, via “After that, I got away from it. I just seen something curled up and I looked again and it was a snake. No one believed me until they looked in there. It hissed, I backed up.”

“Man, me and Thomas at our lockers as usual,” explained Will Barton. “We’re changing and he goes to put his shoes down and he’s like ‘What the …?’ You know what he said. He’s like ‘There’s a snake under my locker dog!’ And I’m like ‘Stop playing.’ He’s like ‘No for real! A real snake!’ And we just looked under there and there was a snake. I was scared!”

The Blazers thought it was a rattlesnake, but a Spurs official determined the snake was non-venomous before returning it back to the wild.

“It’s bizarre to have a venomous snake in your locker room,” Portland coach Terry Stotts said. “I don’t know if it’s happened before. That sounds like an ABA story.”

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