Report: Churchill Downs wants $15k back from Wes Welker

Wes Welker

Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker handed out $100 bills after a big win at the Kentucky Derby earlier this month.  But according to TMZ, Churchhill Downs overpaid Welker nearly $15,000.

From TMZ:

Here’s what we know … Wes personally placed a number of bets on the Derby on May 3rd — AND HIT BIG. Sources tell us Welker sent a friend to collect his winnings — and that person was paid out $57,193.90 at the cashier’s window. 

But we’ve learned … officials at the track believe there was an error at the window DURING the moments Welker’s ticket was being paid out … (we’re told it was computer malfunction compounded by human error) … and the result was Wes being overpaid to the tune of $14,858.55. 

A rep for Churchill Downs confirms … “There was a $14 thousand dollar overpayment due to a tote machine malfunction.”

According to the report, Churchhill Downs has sent a letter to the person that collected the winnings for Welker and has asked for the money back.


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