Megyn Kelly Once Again Showers Donald Trump with Criticism

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly has been extremely open about her criticism of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump throughout his campaign. He has openly attacked her on multiple occasions, but has also been finding headlines for many other issues as well. Kelly once again showered him with criticism after his recent problem.

Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, reportedly pulled a reporter to the ground after she asked a tough question. That reporter, Michelle Fields, posted a photograph on her personal Twitter account that shows the bruises she received from the incident.

Kelly had an entire section of her show dedicated to discussing the issue. Ben Shapiro of the DailyWire joined her and had a lot of things to say about trump. He was very blunt and to the point and was very rude at times in the way that he talked about Trump.

“Donald Trump is a smoking garbage heap of human debris and so is Corey Lewandowski,” Shapiro said.

Attorney David Wohl, on the other hand, does not believe that the incident went down like Fields and Kelly believe it did.

“It didn’t happen, Megyn. What she describes happening never happened…What she told officers, and this is the important part, is that she felt someone yank her arm, but you can see in the surveillance camera that it didn’t happen.”

While the attorney has his own beliefs about what happened, Kelly was not buying his story. She continued to call Trump and Lewandowski liars throughout the remainder of the show and threw a lot of shade their way. This won’t be the last time that we hear of Kelly and Trump getting into each other through the media.

Lewandowski was brought in on charges of simple battery, which is a misdemeanor. It will be interesting to see whether the charges end up sticking or whether they decide that he was not at fault for the issue.

Expect to see Kelly continue coming after Trump and to see the two of them keep a personal hatred for each other throughout the remainder of the campaign.

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  • jimrussell

    Question Megyn, she was clearly grabbed by the bicep, how did those supposed bruises migrate down to her forearm? Here we go again. I’m a Democrat, but; 1st this is a media created non story, probably because she is a reporter, even though a reporter for a truthless trash rag. 2nd watch any highly charged sporting event and see if multiple times a week team and venue personnel protect coach’s and star players leaving the field of play from over enthusiastic and intrusive fans by holding them back. And 3rd, watch any live or remote location news or weather report. Just off screen the reporters many times are being protected from grand standers and assorted nuts from getting in the picture by network personnel restraining them. Trump’s manager did not know who this woman was, did not know if she presented a threat and used minimum force to keep this over zealous person form getting too close to a candidate for President of the United States, a somewhat higher order than just some coach or news reporter. I assume you do know about what happened to the Kennedy’s, Reagan, and other Presidential candidates from just this scenario? This legal action will probably never see the light of day or be laughed out of court. As for the whining grandstanding publicity seeking reporter, she got her 15 minutes.