Lionel Messi drug tested while Argentina celebrates victory

After Argentina’s 4-2 shootout win over the Netherlands to advance to the World Cup final on Sunday against Germany, Lionel Messi  wasn’t able to celebrate the win with his teammates.

Messi was stuck taking a mandatory drug test.

Messi posted this on his Instagram profile:

“Me toco el doping y no puedo estar viviendo este momento en el vestuario. Me siento orgulloso de ser parte de este plantel!! Que fenómeno son todos !! Que partido hicieron. Que locura. estamos en la final !! Disfrutemos .. Abrazo grande a toda la argentina . Nos queda un pasito más.”

Which translates to:

“I’ve been called for doping control and I can’t be enjoying the moment in the dressing room.

“I feel proud to be part of this team! Phenomenons every one of them! What a game they had. This is crazy. We’re in the final! Let’s enjoy this, a hug to all of Argentina, we have just one step left.”

[Bleacher Report]
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