LeBron James’ marketing group drops Johnny Manziel

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

NBA star LeBron James has dropped Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel as a client.

A spokesman for James said the Cavaliers star and has ended his marketing agreement with Manziel. LRMR has been handling endorsement deals for Manziel since he got drafted into the NFL.

Manziel missed Cleveland’s season finale Sunday after he was spotted partying in Las Vegas over the weekend.

“I will continue to support and advise him as a friend,” Carter said. “However, because Johnny needs to focus on personal growth, the next phase of his career and because LRMR continues to expand beyond marketing, we made the mutual decision that it was best to terminate our business relationship.”

James said Manziel, who spent 10 weeks during the offseason in a Pennsylvania rehab facility specializing in alcohol and substance abuse, should focus on other things than marketing his brand.

“I’ve heard a little bit of it and it’s just a distraction for not only himself but for everyone that’s around him, including family, people that represent him, the people around him,” James said. “He’ll figure it out at some point – we all hope.”

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