Tyler Seguin’s mom rips Bruins and Boston media


Ever since the Boston Bruins dealt center Tyler Seguin to the Dallas Stars, reports have surfaced that the 21-year-old was shipped off because of his lack of maturity and “reckless partying.”

From CSNNE.com, via Chris Peters of CBSSports.com:

According to sources around the team, Seguin was out late in Toronto during the road trip to play the Leafs in the first round of the playoffs and the team had to hold a sit-down with the immature forward about his commitment to the team. Seguin showed up each day at the Air Canada Centre wearing the same clothes for three straight days and played badly in Games 3 and 4 of the first round against Toronto.

From the Boston Herald:

This trade might not be popular among all Bruins fans, who envisioned Seguin as a future superstar. But he might go down as a player who squandered his great gifts. Multiple sources said the 21-year-old Seguin crossed the line this season with reckless partying.

It apparently got so bad that during the playoffs, the Bruins ordered Seguin to live in a hotel, where a guard was hired to make sure he stayed in his room.

But Chiarelli repeatedly defended Seguin, calling him “a good kid and a terrific player” and “a tremendous package of speed and skill.”

Seguin’s mother, Jackie, had a enough and made her displeasure with the Bruins and Boston media known on Friday.  She told the Toronto Star that the stories of her son partying have been made up.

That’s not true,” Jackie said, adding that she and her husband, Paul, spent much time with their son in Boston during the Stanley Cup final.

“I know that for a fact,” she added, her voice rising. “The whole team lived in the hotel. That’s crap. Oh, my God. That’s stupid stuff. That’s very unfair to say that. He’s a professional. That makes me very angry.”

She said Tyler often didn’t even go out for dinner because he wanted to stay back in the team hotel in Boston.

“You know what is happening?” Seguin’s mom said. “Boston is now trying to justify why they’re getting rid of Tyler. Obviously, they don’t want a fan backlash against (general manager Peter) Chiarelli,” she said. “Now they’re making up stories.”

“I don’t think the media (in Dallas) will be so hard. At the end of the day, I’m just the mom. I just want Tyler to be happy. For him to get away from Boston may not be such a bad thing. There must be something good about him if Dallas wants him.”

The Bruins receive Swedish winger Loui Eriksson along with three prospects as part of the trade with Dallas.

Note: Bruins sign Jarome Iginla.

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  • golfxj6

    Hi Mom: I understand that you are concerned that your son is pissing away a potential hall of fame career. The Bruins thought that was what he was. Instead, he was someone who partied harder than he played. Talent squandered is talent lost. Bruin fans and management wanted you to be the next best thing. Instead, you were always less than the sum of your parts. Perhaps the trade will give your son a wake-up call. It’s a terrible thing to go down as a major under achiever.