Mike Zimmer: Teddy Bridgewater has a ‘good presence, a good command’

Teddy Bridgewater

Minnesota Vikings rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will compete with veterans Matt Cassel and Christian Ponder for the starting quarterback job this offseason.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said Friday that Bridgewater would get some first-team reps during OTAs, which begin May 28.

“[Bridgewater] is throwing the ball good and I think he’s got a good presence, a good command of the way he’s taking things,” Zimmer said. “It was good for him to be out here with the veteran quarterbacks a little last week. We kept all of the rookies out a little longer to do an extra session with them to kind of catch them up. I think all of that stuff is good. We’re trying to make sure that we’re getting all of these young guys caught up.”

Zimmer said he has been impressed with Bridgewater’s ability to learn the team’s offensive terminology.

“One of things I noticed about him even when we were out there with the rookies after the Phase II, they would call a play and they were just running one route and he would recall the whole play to himself, basically,” Zimmer said. “Just so he gets all of the terminology so he would get the terminology down, the whole thing.

“I was impressed with that part of what he did, just how bad he wants to learn. It’s not like, “Hey, I’m throwing an out now.” He would say the whole formation, the whole play, what it’s on and just repeat it as he goes. That was impressive, but other than that not really.”

The Vikings used the No. 32 overall pick on Bridgewater, whose No. 5 ranks fourth in rookie jersey sales.

“I really don’t care where his jersey ranks as far as sales or anything like that,” Zimmer said. “No, we’re going to bring Teddy along at the right time and I’ve said this before, I want competition at every spot and watching the quarterbacks that we have, I feel like they’ve improved in the short time since we had the first minicamp to where they are at now. They’ve improved a lot throwing the football, I think they’ve improved a lot with their footwork, so we’ll see where all of that goes.”

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