Vikings GM won’t trade QB Christian Ponder


Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman said Tuesday that he will not trade quarterback Christian Ponder.

Ponder, selected with the 12th pick in the 2011 draft, is one of two quarterbacks on the Vikings’ roster, currently expected to back up Matt Cassel.

“That would leave us with one quarterback. I would not do that,” Spielman said. “We’re going to need two quarterbacks. Three.”

Ponder’s disappointing performance the last three seasons is the main reason the Vikings could potentially draft the next quarterback of the future this week.

Spielman won’t be afraid to draft a QB with the No. 8 pick despite Ponder not working out as the team had hoped.

“Christian’s still a very young quarterback. He’s shown flashes, but he just hasn’t been as consistent as you want yet,” Spielman said. “You can’t be afraid. If there’s a guy there, regardless of position, that you have strong feelings for, whether it’s at 8 or 40, or wherever it is, or 16, then you take him. The one thing you cannot be afraid (of) in this job is to take chances or take risks on guys you feel strongly about. When you don’t do that, I don’t know how you get better.”

The Vikings decided not to pick up the fifth-year option on Ponder that would have paid him $9.686 million in 2015.


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