Vikings GM Rick Spielman: ‘Leslie Frazier is not going anywhere’


Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman told the Minnesota Star Tribune Friday that he’s not planning to make a coaching change.

Leslie Frazier is not going anywhere,” Spielman said. “I am telling you that we are very committed to Leslie Frazier and this coaching staff.”

The Vikings are 1-6 this season, losing the past three games by a combined score of 102-48.

Frazier’s contract expires after next season.

“We back Coach Frazier 100 percent and we’ll do everything we can to help him get this thing turned around,” Spielman said.

Frazier named Christian Ponder the starter for Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys but declined to announce whether Josh Freeman or veteran Matt Cassel will serve as the backup.

Spielman said he lets Frazier make the decisions on who starts at quarterback.

“I will express my opinions one way or another [to Frazier],” he said. “I will always come up with the pros and the cons on everything. When it comes to the personnel, I weigh all that and I make that decision. When it comes to who plays, Leslie weighs that decision.”

Spielman defended his decision to sign Freeman for $2 million for the rest of the season.

“This was just a great chance — whether he played or not — that you would have a much better idea of what a Josh Freeman was by the end of the season just by him being in your building and being around that player for 12 weeks,” Spielman said.

Spielman hopes his starting quarterback on Sunday shows more consistency.

“I think Christian would say too that it’s the consistency thing. I understand outside the building there’s not as much patience as there is inside the building because you know the development. But the biggest thing we talked about was where Christian was more consistent toward the end of [last] season, we probably haven’t seen that same consistency through the first part of the season.

“Now, if he ends up being our starting quarterback and playing the rest of the games and you see him come on and see that he is playing consistently, then maybe he is the guy we’re going to go into the future with.”

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