Le’Veon Bell, LeGarrette Blount arrested for marijuana possession

Leveon Bell

Update: Report: Bell, Blount suspensions ‘will not come soon, if at all this season’

Pittsburgh Steelers running backs Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount were arrested Wednesday afternoon following a traffic stop, according to the Associated Press.

Bell, Blount and a female passenger were arrested for marijuana possession.

According to the Associated Press, traffic officer Sean Stafiej pulled over a Camaro driven by Bell around 1:30 p.m. after officer Stafiej, who was on a motorcycle, noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.  The officer found a 20-gram bag of marijuana inside the car. Bell, Blount and the female passenger all claimed ownership of the marijuana.

Bell was taken to the hospital to have blood drawn and is expected to be charged with driving under the influence of marijuana.

“We are aware of the reports and still gathering information,” said Burt Lauten, communications coordinator of the Steelers to NFL.com. “We will have no further comment at this time.”

Blount, 27, signed as a free agent in the offseason after playing last season with the New England Patriots.

The 22-year-old Bell had 860 yards rushing and eight touchdowns his rookie year last season.

The Steelers play a preseason game in Philadelphia on Thursday.


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  • Richard Magnuson

    Hard to understand the lack of appreciation of their position and shortsightedness of many of these athletes. Imagine being in an elite position that only lasts a very few years and then knowingly do stupid things like this to maybe flush it all down the toilet is mind numbing. Can’t even follow simple rules of conduct.

  • Raymond Moser

    Could not wait for the season to end, before smoking and joking.

  • Dave Y

    Yet they will give NFL players the most powerfull and addicting pain killers on the planet.

  • Jouette Berardelli

    Guess we’ll have to call them “ding-dong” from now on…

  • Cheddar Pants

    Not a Steeler fan, but I do look forward to the day our society lets go of its primitive viewpoints on cannabis. Future generations will view our drug laws as backwards and barbaric. These guys may have broken the law, but they didn’t do anything morally wrong. The fact that we waste tax dollars on the enforcement of pointless cannabis prohibition is the real outrage here.