Steelers will forfeit late-round pick

Mike TOmlin

Mike Tomlin will lose $100,000 for his actions on the sidelines Thanksgiving night, and the Pittsburgh Steelers will forfeit a late-round draft pick.

“In addition, because the conduct affected a play on the field, a modification or forfeiture of draft choices will be considered after the final order of the 2014 draft has been determined,” The NFL said when Tomlin’s discipline was announced.

Peter King of said Friday that the Steelers will lose a draft pick only if the Ravens miss the playoffs.

However, Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports reported Sunday that the Steelers will lose a draft-pick even if the Ravens make the playoffs.

“The NFL did not stipulate the exact nature of the draft-pick penalty because in its mind this remains an open case. Tomlin’s actions could have precluded the Ravens from scoring four more points than they did, and points scored can be a possible playoff tiebreaker. So the NFL does not know the full scope of the ramifications of Tomlin’s actions, nor does it know the full-range of Pittsburgh’s draft picks as compensatory picks, for instance, are not even awarded until the NFL’s annual spring meeting. So until the league has all of the information available, no decision will be announced.

“But even if the Ravens make the playoffs, and that tiebreaker is not a factor, Pittsburgh will still face draft-pick compensation. It’s not an either/or situation. The Steelers have not been informed of any parameters or further details beyond what was included in the NFL’s press release when Tomlin’s fine was announced, and the front office at this point is operating under the assumption that some further penalty is coming.”

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  • UncommonSense

    The NFL is a joke anymore, every time I try and watch the games I just see glaring problems that aren’t addressed, the refs are just plain terrible and the rules have made the sport kind of boring, any sort of excitement is penalized if it does happen… The 35 yard line kick off killed off any reason to kick it half the time.