Sean Payton ‘very upset’ with Jimmy Graham for TD dunk

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham caught two touchdown passes in Friday night’s 31-24 win over the Tennessee Titans and both times he celebrated by dunking over the goal post, and both times he was penalized 15-yards.

The NFL outlawed dunking over the goal post this offseason.

Saints coach Sean Payton was not happy with Graham after the second dunk.  He chased the Pro Bowl tight end down on the sideline and chewed him out.

“Yes, I was. I’m very upset,” he said. “Would you be upset? I was, particularly.”

But what really made Payton furious was the 22 penalties on Friday.

“Obviously, that was painful to watch,” he said. “I don’t recall, I can’t recall ever a game with that many penalties. And here is the thing; most of the ones I saw were good calls, so this isn’t about a crew calling a lot of penalties, this is about something I have to do a better job with.

“We will find ourselves at the short end of a game and then wonder about our offseason goals and what happened and we won’t know exactly what happened and you’ll hear about … in a preseason game, (22) penalties, I’ve lost track. I have to do a better job in that area and it will start (at practice) on Sunday.”

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