Seahawks’ Bennett: ‘Packers didn’t want to tackle Lynch’


The Green Bay Packers are still reeling from their 36-16 loss to the Seattle Seahawks last night in the season opener, and have absolutely nothing good to show for their efforts.

Seattle ran away with things from the beginning of the game, and made the Packer defense looks vulnerable once again. Marshawn Lynch ran all over the Packers’ defense, and ended up picking up 110 yards and two touchdowns on just 20 carries.

Seattle defensive end Michael Bennett made some fairly harsh comments about the Packers’ defense after the game.

“Obviously we were the more physical team today offensively and defensively,” he said, via “I saw supposedly some of the best players in the league not want to tackle Marshawn Lynch. Of course, nobody’s going to say nothing about that, but I saw a lot of guys whiff on tackles that should have been two-yard gains, and they’re supposed to be the best. We had to prove that we’re the best defense.”

First of all, the Packers have never been considered one of the best defenses in the NFL, and they don’t have any players that have been named as some of the best outside of Clay Matthews. Emotions were running high when Bennett made these comments, but it’s not a big deal. Either way, he was very right about the Packers missing on tackles and allowing bigger gains than they should have allowed.

Ted Thompson knew that defense was a major need heading into this past offseason, but he failed to make any upgrades outside of an aging Julius Peppers. Unfortunately, it is appearing more and more likely that he once again didn’t do enough to upgrade the unit enough to make any kind of a difference. Green Bay has had a tendency to pass up signing big pieces in free agency, and haven’t had a great track record of drafting players who improve the defense enough.

Needless to say, the Packers are feeling extremely embarrassed after their performance last night. They thought that they could head into Seattle and come away with a win, but they ended up getting blown out in a major way. Seattle should be happy with its performance, and even happier with the end result.


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