Rolando McClain retires again: ‘I gotta follow my heart’

Rolando McClain

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Rolando McClain is retiring from the NFL for good.

McClain, who was due to report to the Ravens first day of the team’s offseason workout program, sent a text to saying, “I gotta follow my heart. It ain’t football. If football made me complete I would play. But whenever I think of it my heart pulls me away from whatever reason. … This means I’m done.”

McClain was activated by the Ravens last week off the reserve-retired list.

Following his release by the Oakland Raiders last year, McClain signed a one-year contract with the Ravens worth the veteran minimum of $700,000.

McClain, drafted by the Raiders with the No. 8 overall pick in 2010, had not played football since the 2012 season.

He recorded 246 tackles and 6.5 sacks in his three seasons in Oakland.

McClain told ESPN that he wants to finish his degree and coach football one day.

“Now I know God has something else planned for me and that my life is bigger than football,” he said in a text.

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  • afannaz

    he says his life is bigger than football…that’s probably a lucky thing for him, because his football life didn’t amount to much. let’s hope this second “retirement” isn’t just a series of retirements ala (a much lesser version, of course) the brett favre annual event(s)…rolando, nobody cares!