Rob Gronkowski faces multiple surgeries

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkoswki along with his doctors were hopeful a lingering infection in his left forearm would clear, a fourth surgery could be performed, and the 23-year-old could begin the recovery process.

But now, Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald reports that Gronkowski may need a fifth surgery, putting his planned Week 1 start in jeopardy.

“Gronkowski is going to need a fourth operation to change the plate that’s securing the broken bone in the forearm.”

“While there has been some suggestion recently that this step might be avoided, the source indicated the fourth operation still has to happen. The plate has to be switched, no matter what, and the surrounding tissue tested. The real question is if Gronkowski, who has been taking part in the team’s offseason program, will need a fifth operation.”

“If tests show the infection has been completely flushed out, the plate will be replaced, and the recovery process begins. If there are still signs of infection, that won’t happen.”

The Herald reports that doctors are going to wait a little longer before performing the fourth surgery, in hopes that the infection is cleared and Gronkowski can begin the 11-week recovery period.

Gronkowski has already had three surgeries on the arm he initially broke in Week 11 of the 2012 regular season against the Indianapolis Colts while blocking for an extra point.

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