Ray Rice indicted, faces 3-5 year prison term

Ray Rice

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was indicted by a grand jury Thursday on one count of aggravated assault, reports ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Rice was arrested and charged with simple assault-domestic violence on Feb. 15 after allegedly striking his fiancée, Janay Palmer, unconscious at the Revel Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City.  Palmer was also charged with simple assault.

Prosecutors took the case to a grand jury, which returned a more serious charge of third-degree aggravated assault.

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  • Tumblindice58

    Why is that sociey seemingly turns their heads when some of these guys exhibit

  • Tumblindice58

    Why is it society is willing to turn a blind eye to so many sports figures so long as they can put ass’s in the stands?(rhetorical)What a shame that we have sold out morally as a nation and we celebrate all the bad behavior and demean anyone who acts straight or decent!We truly are now living in the midst of a Bizzarro World Entitled type society and many of the Baby Boomers can attest that this is not the way they were raised to be!Whomever interviewed Rice should have been able to discern his propensity for anger,I mean he’s been around the league awhile now,Or used to be and it looks like the Ravens will be drafting or trading for a running back,LOL