Ray Rice: ‘My actions that night were totally inexcusable’

Ray Rice

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice addressed the media Thursday regarding his assault charge.

My actions that night were totally inexcusable. That night, I’m just (gonna) put it this way, that night I just replay over and over in my head. That’s not me. My actions were inexcusable. That’s something I have to live with the rest of my life,” Rice said.

Rice apologized to his wife and stressed that she can do “no wrong.” He also talked about how difficult it will be to explain everything to his young daughter.

“The pain I’m talking about living with is that, is waking up every day and my daughter is two years old now, I have a little girl who’s very smart, very intelligent,” Rice said. “And one day she’s gonna know the power of Google. And we have to explain that to her — what happened that night. And I know that’s not who I am as a man.

“That’s not who my mom raised me to be. Anybody knows me and knows me, they know I was raised by a single parent and that was my mother. And sitting here today and replay the things my mom raised me to be. I let her down, I let my wife down, I let my daughter down, I let my wife’s parents down, I let the whole Baltimore community down, and I got my teammates here to support me and I let my teammates down, you know I let so many people down because of 30 seconds of my life that I know I can’t take back.”

The NFL has suspended Rice two games without pay and fined him $58,000 for allegedly striking his then-fiancée unconscious in February in Atlantic City, N.J.

Rice, who had 214 carries for 660 yards and four touchdowns last season, will miss the Ravens games against the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers.

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  • Scruffy Longfellow

    This speaks volumes about the NFL. If you are a star you can do what you want with no fear of *real* repercussions. This truly is a Pacman Jones slap-on-the-wrist all over again. Furthermore you have Nigel Bradham who got caught with a negligible amount of Marijuana who got two times the length of a suspension as Ray Rice who knocked his fiancee unconscious and dragged her in a Casino. It is no wonder the opinion network ( http://st8.it/1nYz41V ) pegs the NFL as: Dangerous, Unappealing, and Hypocritical. There just seems to be a disconnect from reality with a clueless Goodell leading the show.

  • Cornbread0917

    It is all about Money. If this guy was a third stringer, he would have been cut!!!!!!!!!

    • concretejimmy

      I doubt it. Only if he doesn’t make the team.