Pete Carroll praises Russell Wilson: ‘He’s an extraordinary individual’

The Seattle Seahawks dominated the New Orleans Saints 34-7 on Monday night to become the first team to clinch a spot in the NFC playoffs.

Well, we had a blast tonight,” said coach Pete Carroll, via the Saints website. “It was just a great night for the Seahawks and the fans and all.  The Seahawks set an all time record for the noise and all that as well.  Just a really good night.  I’m really proud that we came off the bye so well.”

Russell Wilson completed 22 of 30 passes for 310 yards and three touchdowns.  He also added 47 yards on the ground for the Seahawks.

“Russell was fantastic again tonight; he just does it.  He finds so many ways to make it hard on our opponent, that he’s tough to defend, tough to deal with,” said Carroll.

“He’s an extraordinary individual.  It goes way beyond his football ability, he’s an amazing person.  We’re just blessed that he’s spending his time with us right now.   The leadership, the discipline, the hard work, the competitiveness, the toughness that he has and demonstrates, and his uncanny ability to rise to the moment.”

Carroll hopes the 12th Man, who regained the Guinness World Record for crowd noise, continues chanting Wilson’s name.

“Here he is playing against one of his favorite players ever; I asked him something about it, and he said, “I’m not playing Drew Brees.  I’m playing the Saints.”  He had it nailed right from the get-go.  I was going to tell him that, but he already knew it.  He’s just an extraordinary person and we’re very fortunate, and they should keep coming out, and they should keep chanting his name and have fun with it while we can.”

The Seahawks (11-1) moved two games ahead of the rest of the NFC for the race for home-field advantage and hold tiebreakers over New Orleans (9-3) and Carolina (9-3).

“I’ve been telling them that we haven’t done nothing yet, because we really haven’t accomplished anything, except having a nice record,” said Carroll.  “Tonight we did, we accomplished something; we’re a playoff team, which is great to know that. But that’s not our goal, and we don’t talk that way.  You never hear these guys say, oh boy, we want to get into the playoffs.  That’s not the goal we set.

“We want to win this division, and that division gets us a chance to play at home, and that’s what we’re after.  And then we’ll talk about what comes next.  That’s why this is such a huge week coming up, and we’re going to go after it with everything we’ve got, and it’s going to be another championship matchup, and we’re going to give it everything and see if we can get it done.”

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  • Tumblindice58

    Have to give Wilson all the glory but if he ever goes down the Seagulls will be screwed like a tied goat,It did feel good though to see the Saints get a sound thrashing for once!