Ted Thompson has no plans to retire: ‘I’m just getting started’

Ted Thompson

Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson hasn’t given any thought to his future plan.

“I’m just getting started,” Thompson said with a chuckle, per ESPN.com. “I feel pretty good.

The 61-year-old Thompson just completed his 10th NFL draft as the Packers’ GM and he’s is under contract for two more.  Thompson signed a five-year extension after the Packers’ Super Bowl victory in February 2011.

“I’m feeling good and ready to go,” Thompson said.

During the  three-day NFL draft last week, Thompson began his press briefings thanking all of the team personnel involved with the draft, making some believe that it was part of a retirement speech.

“No, that wasn’t a prelude to me walking out, no,” Thompson said. “It was a genuine [appreciation], you know, because, just the number of hours that you put in, and if I haven’t over-thanked those guys in the past, that was my fault. Two times in front of [the media] is not overdoing it, I don’t think.”

Thompson appears energized and excited about his new rookie class.

“This is always a fun weekend for us in scouting, because it all kind of comes together,” he said. “Sometimes you try to look away because it doesn’t look quite as good as you thought it was supposed to look, and other times it’s ‘Hey, that’s pretty good.’ I think it’s a cool thing to see these guys in a Packer uniform for the first time and see the enthusiasm. It’ll get more interesting next week when the veterans are back.”

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