Aaron Rodgers convinced Davante Adams is headed for big things in 2015

Davante Adams

Davante Adams commitment to learning the Green Bay Packers offense inside and out has quarterback Aaron Rodgers convinced that the second-year pro is headed for big things in 2015.

Rodgers couldn’t stop talking about Adams approach to his job after the team’s organized team activity practice.

“In my mind, he has humongous upside – and he’s starting to reach that upside,” Rodgers said, via ESPN Wisconsin. “I think the opportunities are going to come for him. He’s got two great guys to play with [Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb]. His attention to detail is very impressive and his approach.

“Obviously, the athleticism – as you see on Twitter with his 360, between-the-legs dunk – is incredible. He brings a different set of skills to the field that we haven’t seen around here with his body type, his athleticism and his approach. If you look at the guys who’ve struck around here and gotten second and third contracts, it’s guys who really understand how to make this work for them – the game within the game: The note-taking, the preparation, the study habits, the focus, the practice habits.

“Look at the two guys in this room (Nelson and Cobb) who had phenomenal seasons last year. They both have a great approach to their job and you’re seeing Davante really do that. The biggest example to me of the kind of guy that he is, is last year when he went through stretches where he didn’t catch the ball, has a huge game against New England, then goes through stretches again where he doesn’t get a lot of balls thrown his way, then has a big game against Dallas. That’s all about approach and focus. And you can’t teach that.”

Adams caught 38 passes for 446 yards and three touchdowns in the regular-season and eight passes for 124 yards and another TD in the playoffs. He spoke last week of what it meant to him to have gained Rodgers’ confidence.

“It’s big, because that’s the type of thing that’s going to keep me fine-tuning my own game because I see a guy [in] a future yellow jacket [from the Pro Football Hall of Fame] who’s got faith in the young guy,” Adams said. “That means a lot to me. We’ve communicated a lot in the locker room and the film room, and on the field obviously. So when a guy like that come to me in clutch situations, it makes me want to push myself even more.”

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