NFL Draft Grades: St. Louis Rams take Greg Robinson

Greg Robinson

The St. Louis Rams selected Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson with the second overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. This was an expected pick, as the Rams have definitely struggled with pass blocking over the last couple of seasons. Jeff Fisher was comfortable with sticking to Sam Bradford as his starting quarterback, but they knew that they needed to keep him protected, upright, and healthy in order to have him reach his full potential.

Robinson was a star offensive lineman in college, and has the potential to become one of the NFL’s top tackles with the right coaching and work ethic. There are some concerns surrounding his game, but with good coaching and hard work he has a legitimate chance to become a top offensive tackle in the NFL. His potential is through the roof, and that alone made this pick something that the Rams had to take a bit of a risk on.

One of the main flaws in Robinson’s game is his tendency to have sloppy hands. There were many plays in college that he was called for a hold simply because he would grab onto a jersey and hold rather than move his feet to stay in front of the defender. The NFL is much more strict on the holding call, and that could be a major issue for Robinson in his first couple seasons.

Despite the concerns that have been mentioned about Robinson, he is still the type of offensive tackle that the Rams could end up building their offensive line around. He has all the physical abilities to be a franchise player tackle, and Bradford will certainly be in much better shape with Robinson on the field. The Rams certainly made a statement about their future by selecting Robinson, and hopefully he’s able to pan out for them long-term.

Overall, this was a must needed pick for the Rams and it will help their offense. Bradford is coming off of a torn ACL last season, but at least now he’s got better production from the elite defenses in the NFC West. Robinson may not have been the flashy pick that the Rams could have made with Johnny Manziel, but he fits the biggest need for the team and will make a big impact.

Greg Robinson Draft Grade: B+

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