Patriots D-Line working with ex-Navy Seal

The New England Patriots are exploring new ways for their defensive lineman to gain more experience with hand fighting, which they will have to do to keep offensive lineman from getting into their body.

Dont’a Hightower, Rob Ninkovich, Jabaal Sheard, Dominique Easley and others were seen practicing last week with former Navy SEAL Dom Raso, who runs the Dynamis Alliance program.

From Mike Reiss of

“There were a couple of new faces at practice for the Patriots from a coaching perspective, including one staffer who worked with defenders on hand combat type drills. The unidentified “coach”, who I believe is Navy SEAL Dom Raso, stood out because he wasn’t in Patriots gear, had a large colorful tattoo on his lower right leg, wore black sunglasses and a black hat, and the words “The Will to Fight” were written across the back of his shirt and down his shorts (good pics here from — one and two). “The Will to Fight” is part of Raso’s Dynamis Alliance program.”

[CBS Sports]
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