LeSean McCoy upset with Eagles offense: ‘We let the team down’


Drew Brees drove the New Orleans Saints 34 yards to setup kicker Shayne Graham for the 32-yard game-winning field goal to beat the Philadelphia Eagles 26-24 in a wild-card game on Saturday.

“It sucks, because there was nothing we could do, but watch,” said Eagles running back LeSean McCoy. “They killed us slowly. It was a terrible feeling.”

“That return really killed us. They just milked the clock and kicked a field goal.”

McCoy rushed for 77 yards and a touchdown on 21 carries, while Nick Foles threw for 195 yards and two more scores.

But it wasn’t enough.

“Yeah, I feel like we let the team down,” said McCoy, who led all NFL backs with 1,607 rushing yards during the regular season. “The first half we couldn’t do anything. We didn’t capitalize on any of the turnovers we got. We won the turnover battle and we could have done more.”

Linebacker DeMeco Ryans and cornerback Bradley Fletcher each intercepted Brees in the first half.  But the Eagles defense gave up 434 total yards, including 185 on the ground.

“It hurts a lot,” said McCoy. “We put so much into this since the offseason. We trained and worked so hard to get to this level and lose a game like this.”

The Eagles ended the season 10-7 in Chip Kelly’s first year as head coach. He guided them from worst to first in the NFC East, but they were only 4-5 at home.

“We just have to get better,” McCoy said. “I think we have to execute when we need to. We needed to keep riding that hot streak. I thought we were hot. Obviously, we weren’t.”

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  • eagle1jim

    Chip Kelley should have done the same thing that his former offensive coordinator now coach of the Oregon Ducks did against Oregon State. They let the Beaver score a touchdown with less than two minutes left in the game. Oregon behind by six went 80 + yards to win the game by one. Had the coach not done this, the Beavers would have wound down the clock to three seconds and kicked the game winning field goal. Fresno State did the same thing winning in overtime after scoring a touchdown at the end of regulation.