Joe Montana to Johnny Manziel: ‘Don’t forget about football’

Johnny Manziel

NFL legend Joe Montana made an appearance on Wednesday’s edition of NFL Total Access and had some advice for Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.

“I go back to an old saying Bill Walsh told me after we won our first Super Bowl,” Montana said, via “I was going everywhere and trying to do everything. He called me in and said, ‘I want to tell you one thing, I understand what you’re doing, we may never get back to another Super Bowl. Just remember this, the less people see you, the more they want to see you.’

“And so basically he was saying, ‘It’s OK to do some things but try to cut it back and don’t forget about football.’ Because that’s what got you there and that is what’s going to keep you there. So you have to make sure you spend the time on football as much as getting out and about.”

Manziel’s teammate, Joe Haden, had similar advice.

Montana was one of the most famous athletes during his 1980s heyday and can relate to the amount of attention Manziel has received since winning the Heisman Trophy as a freshman at Texas A&M.

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