Jim Harbaugh: Colin Kaepernick is doing a heck of a job

San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh doesn’t understand why members of the media question Colin Kaepernick’s recent production.

Asked by a reporter about Kaepernick’s struggles in his second season as the 49ers’ starter, Harbaugh was puzzled by the question.

“I think he’s doing a heck of a job,” Harbaugh said, per the team’s site. “I guess I’d be puzzled to why people would think that. What’s most important is what we see. I’m puzzled to why you or anybody else thinks that.”

Kaepernick has completed 141 of 251 passes for 1,802 yards with 11 touchdowns and seven interceptions through 10 games this season.  He has an 81.8 quarterback rating, and has rushed for 335 yards, second-most on the 49ers.

“He’s been consistently good,” Harbaugh said. “He’s been like that every week he’s been backup or a starter.”

But Kaepernick has thrown for just 218 yards in the 49ers’ current two-game losing streak.

“I was trying to be a perfectionist last year, the same way I am this year,” Kaepernick said.

Harbaugh says Kaepernick’s attitude and behavior is still “A-plus.”

Photo via 49ers.com
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  • Palefac 43

    Kap has played well. He has no protection and he has been told not to run. As a result they have no passing game and he doesn’t run until it is too late. So: the 49ers have no offense. What made him great last year was his running. That held the rushers at bay and he was able to pass or run as needed without hesitation. “He who hesitates is lost”.