Jets’ patience ‘wearing thin’ with receiver Stephen Hill


The New York Jets drafted wide receiver Stephen Hill with the 43rd overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft with big hopes that he would turn into a playmaker. Unfortunately after his first two NFL seasons, he has shown nothing of that potential and has left the Jets very frustrated with his lack of production. According to reports coming out of New York, the Jets’ patience is “wearing thin” with Hill.

There is no denying the ability that he still possesses to break out, but he has to realize his opportunity and work hard to reach his full potential. If he does decide to begin taking things seriously, there is a chance that the Jets could still get the production that they want out of him. That being said, he hasn’t given the team any signs that he is going to mature any time soon.

Hill, 22, has played in 23 regular season games with the Jets, catching just 45 passes for 594 yards and four touchdowns, including 24 receptions for 342 yards and a score in 2013. At 6-foot-4 and possessing the athletic ability that he has, those numbers should be much higher without question.

The Jets did sign quarterback Michael Vick this offseason, which could be a help for Hill and the rest of the receivers, as neither Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith was able to put together consistent games each week.

Overall, this is a make or break season for Hill and could decide what his NFL future is. There aren’t many people that will trust Hill in the future if he isn’t able to make something happen in his first three seasons. All that being said, the Jets are going to give him every chance to succeed, and perhaps having a quarterback like Vick will be the difference for him.

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  • Jerry Morey

    Point of order…he is entering his 3rd year not his 4th.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! Evan even says he was drafted in 2012 right before saying he’s played 3 seasons.

      • SportsG



        I have fixed the article! Thanks for the catch.

  • BrooklynDude99

    Stephen Hill needs to show he belongs in the NFL this year, but he was trying to become an NFL receiver with two of the worst rated QB’s in the league in Mark Sanchez and rookie Geno Smith. He was injured last year and missed much of the season.

    Hill was thought to be a project coming out of a non-passing offense in college and he’s not even 23 years of age yet. I think when teams draft players that are projects, they need time to develop and I’m sure the organization will show more patience than the fans.

    • RONBO19

      BrooklynDude99 -Good point.No question he has not played like a #2 pick to date but I think he can still make an impact.The best thing in his favor is he will will likely draw less attention from defenses as Decker and who ever the other starter is will take a lot of heat off Hill. Used properly Hill can still make the improvements jet fans are hoping to see from him.

      • Jose Duarte

        exactly ron the point i was trying to prove

  • Gio

    He sucks, he doesn’t use his hands to catch balls thrown at him and he doesn’t adjust or jump for ball downfield. He should’ve never been picked that early and we should’ve picked Alshon who I wanted in the 1st round anyway.

  • gbrownn

    He’s not good at anything on the football field.Not a fluid athlete at all. He’ll be cut this camp. Idzik didn’t draft him he was a Tanny mistkae. He should cut demaryius thomas and Megatron a check every week because they were the only reason he was drafted.