Jermichael Finley wants to be a Packer, but he’s open to joining Seattle


Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley expects to be cleared for contact within the next three to four weeks and will become a free agent March 11.

Finley, who suffered a serious neck injury during the 2013 season, would like to stay with the Packers, but is willing to leave, if need be.

“I said it once before, I want to be a Packer for life,” Finley said during a visit with PFT Live from Radio Row on Friday. “But we all know this is a business and the Packers are going to take it as a business but at the same time, I was playing at a high level when I got injured.  But at the end of the day, I can go give any team what they need and take them to the promised land, I can guarantee you that.”

Finley said he will talk to the Packers first, but if one of the two teams playing Sunday called, he’d be on the first flight out.

“I mean there’s a couple of teams I would love and would be on the first flight out to play with but like I said the Packers are going to come at me with something and I’m going to go to them first and see what they’ve got and if it’s not I would love to be on the first flight out to good old Seattle,” Finley said.

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  • Al Dante

    Cleared for contact? By whom his agent? If I was GB I would pass. Absolutely pass. Way to dangerous to toss money on someone with his injury. Were talking the neck area where these guys get hit often. I actually shocked he can come back. Ya let someone else deal with that. GB has the draft, use it.