Jared Allen: Minnesota would revolt if Vikings traded Adrian Peterson


Tom Powers of the St. Paul Pioneer Press proposed an idea that the Minnesota Vikings should trade running back Adrian Peterson for draft picks before the 28-year-old begins to decline.

“So trading Peterson for enough components to jumpstart the team’s development is a sound strategy,” writes Powers. “It would be tremendously unpopular, of course. But it doesn’t make sense to keep Peterson around for what could be a drawn-out rebuilding process. The team already is a long ways off and likely will be without Jared Allen and Kevin Williams next season.”

Powers ended his column with: “Trading Peterson should be seriously considered. It would be good for him and good for the Vikings. He’s out of place here, like a Rolex on the wrist of a hobo.”

Defensive end Jared Allen appeared on the NFL Network Friday and said Minnesota would revolt if that happened.

“I don’t think that would be a very smart move, to say the least,” Allen said. “I’m glad I’m not the GM having to make decisions, but I think if Adrian wasn’t a Viking, I think maybe this state might revolt. Adrian’s a phenomenal player, and you understand people write stuff like that. If I was a betting man, I’d put my money that Adrian isn’t going anywhere.”

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