Jared Allen: ‘No hard feelings’ towards Vikings over trade talks

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Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen said there’s “zero animosity” towards the team for engaging in trade talks involving him.

Allen, a five-time Pro Bowler, is making $14.28 million this season and will be a free agent after the year.  He said he spoke with Vikings general manager Rick Spielman, assistant GM Rob Brzezinski and coach Leslie Frazier after the trade deadline passed and told him he is excited to still be a member of the team.

“All is good. I understand this business. There are no hard feelings. I have a great relationship with Rick and Rob and Coach Frazier and [assistant GM] George [Paton] and everybody here,” Allen said Wednesday. “So, there’s zero animosity, zero anything. But just like with all the trade rumors weeks and weeks ago, I don’t even deal with it until it comes.”

“I am excited to be a Viking.”

Allen is now focused on pulling the Vikings out of a 1-6 hole.

I’m going to stay on my teammates, not let anyone get in a hole,” Allen said, via ESPN. “They’re going to stay on me. One thing we have is a tight locker room here. We’re going to push people. We’re going to push the coaches. They’re going to push us.

“It’s time to refocus, get motivated if you weren’t already and not accept mediocrity. I’m going to be tougher on the players. I’m going to be tougher on myself. I’ve already told Coach, ‘If you see somewhere I can improve, please let me know. And let’s go to work.'”

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  • Darren Horst

    Hey Allen. Bet you wish you were still with the KC Chiefs. I know I do .!!!