NFL Draft: Jaguars considering Johnny Manziel with third pick


The Jacksonville Jaguars have gone throughout the entire draft process without being overly interested in the quarterback prospects, but that is changing with the draft just a few hours away.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Jaguars are “very intrigued” by Johnny Manziel, and will strongly consider selecting him with the third overall pick if he is on the board. Jacksonville has been without a true franchise quarterback for quite some time, and are currently expected to start Chad Henne this season.

Jacksonville would certainly be wise to consider Manziel if he is available at number three, and in all honesty they should select him no matter what. They have been struggling with poor quarterbacks since their mistake of drafting Blaine Gabbert, and could change the entire future of the team around with the selection of Manziel. He may have some issues off-the-field, but he is a playmaker and ticket seller on the field.

Manziel put up huge numbers with the Texas A&M Aggies last season, throwing for 4,114 yards and 37 touchdowns. He did have some turnovers issues throughout the course of the season with 13 interceptions, but his NFL coaches can help him break that bad habit. Not only did he put up big numbers through the air, he also carried the football 144 times for 759 yards and nine touchdown. Those numbers show just how much of an impact Manziel can have on a football game.

Overall, it will be very interesting to see what the Jaguars decide to do with the third overall pick. There are so many options that they have that would help different areas of their team, but the NFL truly is quarterback league. If Jacksonville wants to make a comeback anytime soon and compete for a playoff position, they are going to need a playmaker at the quarterback position.


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