Michael Vick proud of his weight gain

New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles

When word was leaked that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo reported to training camp with a little extra weight, the Twitter Universe went nuts. The criticism does not appear to have deterred Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick from talking about his weight gain.

Perhaps that’s because he packed on muscle.

While talking with reporters at training camp Tuesday, Vick gave some insight as to how he prepared for the coming season: “I’ve been doing a lot of curls, a lot of bench press this off-season. Just trying to put my body in the best position possible to withstand the hits. Everybody says I’m injury prone, so I’m trying to fight that.”

“Four pounds, four pounds of pure muscle,” he said, via NFL.com. “So, it’s a credit to myself.”

The extra muscle should help him take a hit this season–something the team wishes he would do less of– but he’ll need to do more than that if he wants to keep his job.

Nick Foles and rookie Matt Barkley have talked about competing for the starters job in training camp, and both feel like they have just as good a shot at the job as Vick.

“No, I feel like we’re still competing and there is no lead,” Foles said. “There’s never a lead.”

For Barkley, going in to camp means he’s going to get to experience something new–not being the starter (yet). Throughout his high school and college career he was always the starter. He will have the unenviable task of proving his worth during camp, working with the third-team. However, he thinks it will give him the chance to show what he can do; how he can elevate the team to another level.

“It’s a little different just being in that position with the different teams,” Barkley said. “Nonetheless, you still are capable of showing what you can do and how you can manage the offense. Maybe the guys around you are a little different, but at the same time how can you elevate the guys around you? I think that’s what they want to see.”

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