Don’t expect to see Robert Griffin III playing in a Redskins preseason game


Fans of the Washington Redskins got a good piece of news when their quarterback, Robert Griffin III, was recently cleared to practice. That brought up another problem though–when is he going to actually play next?

It would be great to see him play a couple series a game during the preseason; enough to get fans eager for more and really looking forward to the regular season. However, there is the ever present danger of getting injured again. After all, his recovery was relatively quick considering the severity of his injury.

So do they play him and get him back into the swing of things before the games really start or sit him and hope they can knock of the figurative dust in practice?

You do what you should do when you want to protect a franchise player like Griffin-you sit him for the meaningless preseason games unless it is absolutely necessary to play him.

“As far as my understanding goes, the preseason is not even in the air...”I feel like I can play. Coach feels that I can play without any preseason. So there’s no need,” Griffin said to USA Today Sports after a workout Wednesday.

Griffin went on to say that he understands that the ultimate goal is longevity and to get it you have to play smarter.

“The goal is longevity in the league,” he said. “You also want to win. So as a quarterback, I don’t like to conform to, ‘You can’t run outside the pocket.’ I think you can. You just have to be smart about it.

“And maybe that’s keeping me in the pocket a little bit more, throwing the ball away, sliding all the things that are necessary to me playing every game this season.”

Seeing RG3 play every game this season is something Redskins fans will be very happy to see.

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