Domenik Hixon Signs one-year deal with Bears


The Chicago Bears have one of the NFL’s best wide receiver corps if not the best, and they have made a move to improve the depth even more. According to reports, the Bears have signed former Giants and Panthers wide receiver Domenik Hixon to a one-year contract. He has shown the ability to play well in a supporting role, and that is exactly what he is going to be for the Bears.

Hixon did play in 15 games with the Carolina Panthers last season, but was only targeted nine times. He caught seven passes for 55 yards and a touchdown, but was a very good locker room presence and caught the football when it was thrown his way. He likely won’t see much time on the field for the Bears, but he will be prepared whenever his number is called.

Overall, this is a very solid depth signing for the Bears. They are bringing in as much talent as they can to their lineup, and this is one of those low-risk, potential rewarding contracts. Don’t expect him to play too much, but then again he might just force the Bears to give him some playing time here and there.

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