Dolphins, Browns, Giants to pursue Toby Gerhart?


According to Master Tesfatsion of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Minnesota Vikings are not expected to bring back Toby Gerhart to the team, and the Dolphins, Browns and Giants could very well pursue him.

All three of those teams are in need for a consistent starting running back, and when given playing time, Gerhart has played very well. The Vikings have made it clear that they are sticking with superstar running back Adrian Peterson, and they don’t want to give Gerhart the money or playing time to keep him around.

Gerhart played in 14 games last season with the Vikings, carrying the ball 36 times for 283 yards and two touchdowns. If you don’t want to do the math, those numbers lead to a 7.6 yards per carry number, which is extremely impressive. The Dolphins are a team that he would be a great fit for, especially with the solid all-around team they already have set up.

It will be very interesting to see what kind of numbers Gerhart is able to put up if he lands a starting job. He was perhaps the most dominating running back in the country in college, and has shown the ability to make plays in limited playing time in the NFL as well. There’s no doubt that he is going to get more playing time with the new team that he chooses, so he’ll be able to showcase his skills much more next season.

Overall, all three of these teams would improve their running game in a big way. The Dolphins have the offense set up already that would make him even more dangerous, but the Giants and Browns could perhaps give him more carries. He is a name that will be interesting to keep an eye on as the offseason gets underway.

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