DeSean Jackson: Michael Vick will win Eagles job


Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson thinks Michael Vick will be the Eagles’ starting quarterback.

“In my opinion, honestly, I don’t want to be put on the spot, I know y’all gonna do me like that, but Michael Vick’s got a lot of confidence in himself. He’s been there, going on 12 years in the NFL, I think he’ll get the job,”Jackson said during an ESPN interview, via

“Nick Foles is a great, great talent coming in from Arizona, actually a Pac-12 guy. He has the hype, he has the skills as well too. Going into camp, I think Michael Vick will probably be the starter, but we still don’t know. I think Chip Kelly’s gonna keep everybody honest and keep everybody open.”

Jackson said Vick’s mobility will allow him to run the built-in running options in the offense better than Foles.

“From Day One, when Michael Vick actually came in… they tried to switch his playing skills up a little bit, try to [have him] sit back and just be a pocket passer,” Jackson said. “First off, Michael Vick is a quarterback that uses his legs first and foremost. When things break down, that’s what he’s got to depend on. He can’t sit back there and just take hits.

“To try to get a Michael Vick to stay in the pocket when things kind of shut down, that’s hard to do, and expect him to just pass the ball, pass the ball and not use his legs. So as long as he’s still able to use his legs and do things like that, I think he’ll be alright.”

Earlier this month, Ron Jaworski said he believed Vick would be the Eagles starter.  

“I’m certain of one thing – Vick is the most talented quarterback on the Eagles roster,” said ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski on Jaws’ QB Countdown. “Vick remains a dynamic player with top-level arm strength and unmatched movement ability to extend plays with his legs.

Vick passed for 2,362 yards and threw 12 touchdowns last season.  He also rushed for 332 yards and had one rushing touchdown.

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