DeSean Jackson: DeAngelo Hall, Robert Griffin III ‘stood up for me’ and ’embraced me’

DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson says cornerback DeAngelo Hall and quarterback Robert Griffin III helped seal the deal to sign with the Washington Redskins.

“DeAngelo Hall really stepped up to the plate, and, you know, called me and just said, ‘Look bro, I know I’ve been playing against you for a long time, but this is a situation where I think if you came in here, I think you could help us out a lot,’” Jackson said. “Those guys stood up for me and they just embraced me. They knew what my talent was and they knew what I could help bring to the football team, so that was the end of the decision.”

Jackson signed his four-year, $24 million deal with the Redskins on Wednesday.

Jackson was released by the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday and was almost immediately contacted by Griffin.

“We are all excited to have (Jackson) join our team,” Griffin III said. “Our team and his city will be there for him.”

Jackson, who had a career-best 1,333 yards and nine touchdowns last season, said his release was humbling.

“Me being at the peak of my career and doing great things in this league for six years, I’m very humbled to be where I’m at,” Jackson said. “At the same time, moving forward is best for me and being added to the Redskins and coming to a team where they just won the division the previous year.

“Eventually people will see the real DeSean Jackson and not see the painted picture that was put out on me. I’ll do everything I need to do is to be a Washington Redskin and be respected by people in this league and the organization.”

Jackson will be apart of a Redskins offense that includes wide receivers Pierre Garcon and Andre Roberts, tight end Jordan Reed and running back Alfred Morris.

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