David Garrard wants a shot with the Rams


The St. Louis Rams received some devastating news when they learned that starting quarterback Sam Bradford had re-torn his ACL. He was expected to get back to full health and pick up where he left off last season, but unfortunately that isn’t going to be the case. There are plenty of rumors flying around about quarterbacks that the Rams could pick up to replace him, but there is one in particular that is interesting to hear from.

Former Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback David Garrard sent out a tweet making it very clear that he would like to get a call from the Rams and have a shot at the job.

Garrard was at one point considered a quality quarterback in the NFL, but the last few years of his career were rough and at some points embarrassing. The Rams are definitely going to be exploring their options, but signing Tim Tebow is a much better move than a signing of Garrard would be. He might still have some game left in him, but it isn’t likely that he would be a quality starting quarterback.

He last played with the Jaguars in 2010 and ended up passing for 2,734 yards and 23 touchdowns. There were issues with turnovers as well over his last few seasons in the league, and he threw 15 interceptions in his last season in Jacksonville. Those numbers are very underwhelming and at the age 36, it simply doesn’t seem like something that the Rams would be seriously interested in.

That being said, it is very interesting to see that Garrard would like to make an NFL comeback and give it another chance. Early on in his career he was a very talented quarterback who showed a lot of talent and the ability to lead a team, and if there is any of that left he would likely be a better option that Shaun Hill. It will be interesting to see if the Rams even show a bit of interest back to Garrard, or if this tweet simply disappears like it is currently expected to.


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