Should the Indianapolis Colts start Charlie Whitehurst at QB?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts are facing a very tough game on the road this week against the Miami Dolphins. Andrew Luck has been ruled out once again and the Colts are expecting that beat up veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck will start the game. Hasselbeck himself has said that his body has nothing left to give, which brings up a very important and intriguing question.

Should the Colts start Charlie Whitehurst at quarterback against the Dolphins this week?

Andrew Aziz of Colts’ blog Stampede Blue definitely believes that the Colts should start Whitehurst. It has been obvious over the past couple of weeks that Hasselbeck is hurting, so why put him out on the field knowing that he is going to take a beating once again?

Whitehurst has not been a starting quarterback much throughout his six-year NFL career. He has played in just 23 total games and has completed 54.7 percent of his career passes for 2,203 yards, 10 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Giving him a start to see what he’s made of wouldn’t be a bad idea for the Colts.

After the beating that Hasselbeck has taken this season, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if he chose to retire following the 2015 season. That would leave the Colts with a question mark as to who would take over the long-term backup quarterback role.

To answer the question, should the Colts start Whitehurst? Simply for Hasselbeck’s protection he shouldn’t be on the field this week. If he takes another brutal hit like he took at the end of last game, he could get hurt for more than just football.

Taking it too tough on a body that is already done simply isn’t a good idea for Hasselbeck.

Whitehurst is more than capable of leading the Colts to a win over the Dolphins. It is going to be tough being on the road, but he has a lot of experience and has watched a lot of football from the sidelines throughout his career. Perhaps he could put that experience to use this week.

Expect to see Hasselbeck end up starting for the Colts, but if he takes a hit or two it wouldn’t be surprising to see Whitehurst come into the game and finish it out.

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