Colin Kaepernick-Russell Wilson bet on Seahawks-49ers game

The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers face off this Sunday at CenturyLink Field.  To make the matchup more interesting the starting quarterbacks for both teams have put a little wager on the game.

49ers’ Colin Kaepernick and Seahawks’ Russell Wilson made the bet, while promoting Madden 25, that whoever loses Sunday’s game will be forced to shave an eyebrow.

Kap: “Big game on Sunday.”

Wilson: “Yup. You know what we should do? Whoever loses has to shave an eyebrow.”

Kap: “Aight. Hope you don’t like your eyebrow.”


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  • Iwojo

    better then bettin’ $$$ … be able to see the rewards of losin’ LOL

  • Dee

    May as well shave it off now Wilson !!!