Cleveland Browns unveil $120 million stadium renovation project

The Cleveland Browns unveiled plans to upgrade FirstEnergy Stadium, announcing a two-year, $120 million renovation project.

“It’s exceptionally important, and it’s all a part of creating a world-class organization,” Haslam said. “It starts with people, and then, it goes to the facilities. A lot of people have seen what we did in Berea to make Berea a better place for our players and team members to work. Now, we’re taking the most significant step in giving our fans a great place to watch football.”

The plan will be a two-phase, two-year project that will begin after the 2013 season. The Browns will install two new LED video boards that are three times the size of the existing boards in each end zone, and will move them both closer to the fans and nearer to the playing field.

The seating capacity will be reduced by 3,000 seats to a new capacity of 68,000.

“They create a compelling and dramatic visual experience, and we also think it’s going to make a more intimate bowl,” Browns chief executive officer Joe Banner said. “The loudness and the impact of our fans at the game should be even greater. In addition to that, there’s going to be an entirely new audio system throughout the stadium, so the sound that goes with the scoreboard, pre-game music as well as announcements, all of the things during the game should be dramatically different.

“I’m sure some of you have had the benefit of going on the road and seeing some of the things going on in today’s stadiums. We’re now going to have that here in Cleveland for the fans.”

The Browns also plan to improve general concession areas, upgrade food offerings and upgrade suite/club suite areas for the first time since 1999.


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