Johnny Manziel Saga Takes Another Turn

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, Johnny Manziel’s fall from grace is well documented, and widely known. It’s no secret that the former Texas A&M star and Cleveland Browns’ first-round pick has seen his life spiral downward rather quickly.

On Friday, though, Manziel’s saga took a turn that is perhaps the strangest yet. A lawyer representing Manziel sent a text to the Associated Press accidentally, which stated that Manziel was seeking a plea deal in his pending domestic violence case.

This prompted ESPN’s Josina Anderson to speak with Johnny Manziel’s father, Paul. What Paul Manziel had to say about his son in the interview depicts just how sad the entire situation surrounding Manziel has gotten.

“He’s a druggie. It’s not a secret that he’s a druggie,” Paul Manziel said about his son. “I don’t know what to say other than my son is a druggie and he needs help. He just hasn’t [sought help] yet. Hopefully he doesn’t die before he comes to his senses. That’s about all you can say, I don’t know what else to say.”

This is not the first time Manziel’s father has said he feared for the former quarterback’s life. However, Paul Manziel sounds beyond frustrated, to the point where he went as far as to tell Anderson and ESPN: “If I have to bury [Johnny], I’ll bury him.”

Obviously, this isn’t about football any longer. The prospects of Manziel playing in the NFL again are slim to none. The fear within those close to Johnny Manziel is real, and quite frankly it should be. Manziel hasn’t shown much regard for his own life recently, and that’s unfortunate.

Manziel has the money and resources at his disposal to get help, but ultimately it’s his decision. It seems like quite a long time ago that Manziel was on top of the College Football world, flashing money signs on the field while causing headaches for the opposing defense. In retrospect, his Browns tenure went by rather quickly, producing much drama off the field, but hardly any results on it.

It seems Manziel is at a critical point in his life. Disregarding the football aspect, it would be quite a shame if Johnny Manziel’s situation gets any worse than it apparently already is.

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