Brian Urlacher: Faking injuries was part of the Bears game plan


Former NFL linebacker says faking injuries was part of the Chicago Bears’ game plan to slow fast-paced offenses.

Urlacher made the claim on his new role as a FOX Sports 1 analyst.

“We had a guy who was the designated dive guy,” Urlacher said during a conversation about teams faking injuries, via the Chicago Sun-Times.

The former All-Pro said a player would act hurt after a Bears coach gave the signal of a swimmer’ diving motion from the sideline.

Urlacher wouldn’t name the coach who would initiate the ploy, and said the act “wasn’t coached, but it was part of our game plan.”

The Bears can’t be happy that their former middle linebacker, who turned down a one-year, $2 million offer from the team this offseason and retired, is already outing his former team.

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  • UIC

    what team doesn’t use that ploy? duh!