Brandon Marshall admits he almost pulled ‘a Dez Bryant’ Dec. 1

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall admits he almost pulled “a Dez Bryant” in the closing moments of the Chicago Bears’ 23-20 overtime loss against the Minnesota Vikings on Dec. 1.

“I’m serious,” Marshall said, via “If you watch film, you’ll see me like at the 30, then you’ll see me at the 20, then you saw me right around the 15, I caught myself. I promise you I almost walked off the field. Man, that was a tough game.”

Marshall sat away from the rest of the team after the loss.

“I was crushed in the locker room,” Marshall recalled. “I just remember sitting in the corner of the locker room and may have even had tears in my eyes. (He did).

“Phil Emery just came and patted me on the head. He always leaves me alone when I’m in that mode, when after games and we lose and he knows I’m really frustrated. He came and he just picked me up a little bit, and said, ‘We’ve still got a chance.’ After that, I hit the showers and let it go. That says a lot about this team. It’s a trickle-down effect. Guys just understand the nature of the business, and guys are there for each other in this locker room.”

Since then, the Bears have won two straight games and find themselves in control of their own playoff destiny.  A win Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles coupled with losses by Detroit and Green Bay, the Bears would clinch the NFC North title.

“Well, the only anxiety for me was depending on someone else [to make the postseason],” Marshall said. “So knowing that we control our own destiny you know I’m kind of at ease and really focused on Philadelphia. It actually makes it easier that we’re in this position right now.

“I didn’t want to be in the same position as last year. We had to wait until the last game of the season. I remember that feeling, all of us riding on that bus, I think we were coming from Detroit and just watching the game. And it was so devastating. It was one of the worst feelings that I’ve had in my career. So it feels good not to be in that position. We’ve got our work cut out for us; a really talented team at taking the ball away on the defensive side. We know what their offense is about; averaging almost like 80 plays a game. So it’s not going to be easy. But it’s the next one up and we’ve got to take business in Philadelphia.”

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