Detroit Lions vs. Cincinnati Bengals NFL Preseason: Free Online Streaming, Prediction

Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals
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The Detroit Lions and Cincinnati Bengals are both heading into their second 2016 NFL preseason game and it is expected to be entertaining. Neither team is close to firing on all cylinders, but they should be much improved from the rusty first week that they both had.

Cincinnati started their preseason off with a loss, while the Lions were able to pick up a win to open the season.

Looking ahead to the game this week, there are a couple different places to find free streaming. There is also a reasonable prediction to be made, even though predicting preseason games can be nearly impossible.

Free Online Streaming Sources: Stream2U and First Row Sports

Game Prediction: It will be interesting to see what ends up happening this week. Both teams are looking to make major improvements off of the things that they showed last week. Each week of preseason action is about slowly but surely getting better and filling the gaps.

Detroit is going to have a very tough time competing for a playoff spot in the NFC North. They need Matthew Stafford to prove that he is capable of putting up consistent numbers. It is also going to be tough to fill the shoes that Calvin Johnson left when he chose to retire at such a young age.

Cincinnati, on the other hand, is hoping to see Andy Dalton play like one of the top quarterbacks in the league once again and get back to the top of the AFC North division. Last season was a brutal finish for the Bengals and they are hoping to finally pick up a playoff win.

Predicting Thursday evening’s game is not easy at all. Each team will play their starters for a very limited amount of time and then put the bench players in that are fighting for playing time and roster spots. That being said, there is no denying that the Bengals have a more talented roster from top to bottom.

Final Score Prediction: Cincinnati Bengals 17, Detroit Lions 14

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