Antonio Cromartie stepping into leadership role for Jets


When the New York Jets brought in Antonio Cromartie and teamed him up with Darrelle Revis, the Jets knew they had one of the fiercest cornerback tandems in the NFL.  However, while it takes two to make a tandem, Cromartie was always the ‘other guy.’

It wasn’t that Cromartie was not good enough. He just so happened to play across from one of the premier defensive backs in the game.

Now that Revis—the unquestioned leader of the defense– and ‘his island’ have moved down to sunny Tampa Bay, the onus has fallen on Cromartie to step up and lead. The 29-year-old veteran is ready to do just that.

To prove it, Cromartie is bringing the youngsters in the Jets secondary to a rented house in Southern California for four-weeks to train and work out each day with his personal trainer.

According to, Cromartie said: “By us working out together and understanding each other, we get a better feel for each other, too. Not just here, but outside of this building. That’s something we’re trying to build on.”

While defensive backs will be well represented other position players are coming as well like second year wide receiver Stephen Hill.

Of course there has to be some concern that the guy who became infamous for his poor memory when he had trouble naming all of his kids on an episode of Hard Knocks will show these guys how to get in trouble like only an NFL star can.

Head coach Rex Ryan is not worried though.

“I see him taking another step. Here’s no doubt. I see him taking another step as far as his leadership as well, bringing guys with him.”

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  • jiggiedownbx

    cro is a top 3 cb now. i’m really impressed with how much he matured and stepped his game up.

    • Travis

      He is definitely talking the right talk and he’s always been a good player. The Jets could certainly use the veteran leadership.