Alfred Morris: I was a ‘lost little puppy’ last year


Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris established a new team record for rushing yards in a season, but he still doesn’t feel like he’s made it in the NFL.

“I keep that drive,” Morris said last week to “I don’t have the sense that I made it, even though I did make it. Last year is in the past, that doesn’t mean anything anymore.

“Now it’s, what are you going to do this next year? How are you going to improve off last year? Are you going to have a slump? Are you going to get that complacency and lose it? No, I hold myself to a high standard, and I know I’d be disappointed in myself if something like that happens.”

The 24-year-old rushed for 1,613 yards and scored 13 touchdowns last season.

“I never look at it as I have to prove anything to anybody, because I’ve been an underdog my whole life,” he said. “I know people underestimate me, and I’m OK with it. I don’t have to prove anything to you. I’m just going out there and doing what I know I can do.

“I’ve always believed in myself, and it only takes one person to believe. I go out there and have fun. I still have that drive. I still have that love.”

Morris was a sixth-round draft pick and felt “like a lost little puppy” last season.

“Last year, I was going in there like a lost little puppy,” Morris said. “This year, having had that experience and gaining that knowledge of last year, I’m a lot more confident and more comfortable.

“The more comfortable you get with it, the better you can go out there and do it. It eliminates the thinking process. You can go out there and have some fun.”

Morris said he takes nothing for granted.

“I cherish the times I do have,” Morris said. “Who knows how long this will last? This year might be my last year. I’m going to enjoy the moment and leave it all out there.”

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