Adrian Peterson voted NFL’s top player: ‘I don’t think he’s human’


On Thursday night, NFL Network revealed that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was voted by his peers as the NFL’s No. 1 player from last season.

Peterson is the first non-quarterback to be ranked No. 1 in the NFL Network’s Top 100.  He and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady have made the top 10 in all three years of the series.

NFL players described Peterson’s greatness on Thursday.

“I’ve had three ACL (tears) in my life.  To come back the way that he did, literally like nothing happened, and to be better than the year before, I don’t understand it.” – Texans TE Owen Daniels

“Mine happened first and thin his happened.  I’m like, ‘man, I wish I could do that.’” – Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles, who also tore his ACL in 2012

“I don’t think he’s human.  I think he’s a robot. ” – Buccaneers DT Gerald McCoy

“I say if there is a human superhero, it’s Adrian Peterson.” – Eagles TE Brett Celek

“The man’s Wolverine.” – Bills RB C.J. Spiller

“He’s like playing Madden.  You’re hitting the L1 on your joystick and he’s spinning.” – Ex-Cowboys G Derrick Dockery

“You know he’s going to get the ball and teams still can’t stop him.  We were one of those defenses.” – Bears CB Charles Tillman

“[He’s] something that you have to prepare for physically and mentally because you know that you’re going to have to try and stop a monster on Sunday.” – Raiders LB Nick Roach

“I think he runs harder now that he got hurt which is crazy to say but it’s so true. He definitely runs through arm tackles all day.” – Ex-Cardinals DT Nick Eason

“It’s like trying to tackle a wild horse … he’s just bucking.  You literally have to wrestle him down.  He’s not going to go down easy.” – Buccaneers S Mark Barron

The Top 10: 1. Peterson, Minnesota, RB; 2. Peyton Manning, Denver, QB; 3. Calvin Johnson, Detroit, WR; 4. Brady, New England, QB; 5. J.J Watt, Houston, DE; 6. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay, QB; 7. Aldon Smith, San Francisco, LB; 8. Arian Foster, Houston, R; 9. Von Miller, Denver, LB; 10. Patrick Willis, San Francisco, LB.

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